In the world of retail, first impressions are incredibly important, and your packaging is often your first chance to leave an impression on a consumer. In a recent study, more than 72% of shoppers claimed that an item’s packaging influenced their purchasing decision, so yours needs to stand out and custom clamshell packaging can be a great fit for many products.

Custom clamshell packaging is a great way to set your product apart. This kind of packaging envelops a product in clear plastic, so consumers can see exactly what they’re purchasing. It can be used to enclose and showcase a wide range of products, so industries of all kinds can take advantage of it. Read on to learn all about the benefits of clamshell packaging.

Show Off Your Product

You spent your time and energy perfecting your product’s design, so you shouldn’t hide it away behind a nondescript package. You need customers to see the unique aspects of your product. When consumers see a product in its best light, they’re much more likely to purchase it.

This is especially true when you’re competing for shelf space with other similar products. Your design is what sets you apart from the competition, so you need potential customers to see how your offering is superior.

Few other types of packaging showcase a product as well as custom clamshell packaging. With clamshell packaging, you’ll put your goods on display anytime they sit on a store shelf. We can design clamshells with a hook to hang on a display peg as well as tri-fold clamshell designs that stand on their own.

Its transparent nature allows your product offering to catch a potential customer’s eye, and products packaged in a clamshell are much more likely to draw attention than those encased in cardboard or paperboard packaging.

Many consumers associate plastic clamshell packaging with higher-end items. You can use this to your advantage by using this packaging to position your product as the premier option.

Completely Customizable

No two products are exactly the same, and you need to show consumers how you’re different from the competition. Thermoformed clamshell packaging from Indepak can do exactly that.

We can create virtually any size or shape of clamshell packs you might need and are innovative designs are guaranteed to highlight the best attributes of your product while adhering to your requirements. In the end, your packaging design will be cost-effective, eye-catching and conform to the specific needs of your industry.


Clamshell packaging is highly durable, so it will help keep your product safe until it reaches the consumer. You won’t have to worry about damage during shipping and handling resulting in a customer receiving a defective item.

Your custom clamshell packaging perfectly encapsulates your product. This keeps the item from shifting around during the shipping process. Items packaged in a box can rub up against the box’s interior, causing damage while they make their way to a store shelf and cardboard simply does not provide the impact resistance that plastic materials provide.

This kind of packaging is perfect for fragile goods like electronics. These items need robust protection, and we also can match the best plastic for electronics and static-sensitive products. We work with a variety of materials from conductive to dissipative and easily can provide you with the most protective plastic option.

Extend Shelf Life

If you’re selling edible goods, plastic clamshell packaging can extend your product’s shelf life. This means your products stay fresher longer, so consumers can rely on your brand for higher quality goods and makes it easier for retailers to stock your items. Clamshell packaging can be an excellent option for deli items, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as many bakery items.

For our specialty food clients, we can design many types of custom food packaging, including plastic clamshells and custom trays for cookies, crackers, bakery items, fresh meat and much more. We also can design custom tubs with lids or without for your fresh food items such as butter, yogurt, sour cream and much more.

Reduced Likelihood of Theft

Products sealed in custom clamshell packaging are highly theft-deterrent. This packaging often requires scissors or a knife to open, so potential shoplifters won’t be able to pry it open with just their hands.

Clamshell packaging is a preferred choice for retailers. They’ll be able to reduce the amount of inventory lost to shoplifting, which means that prices can be set lower. This helps you sell more items and improves your company’s bottom line.

Improved Safety

Many products like knives and kitchen tools can pose a bit of danger while they sit on the sales floor. A store patron could accidentally hurt themselves while handling one. A clamshell package makes this a non-issue. With your item tucked away safely inside the package, even the sharpest items can be handled without risk. This packaging is also difficult to reseal, so evidence of tampering is readily apparent. You won’t have to worry about selling a compromised product.

Suitable for All Kinds of Displays

You might not have a lot of control over how retailers decide to display your products. Some stores may prefer to stack them on a shelf and others might want to hang them from a hook.

With customized clamshell packaging, your items are suitable for both methods. The team at Indepak can create a single package design that features a hang tab and a tri-fold design so it also can rest on a shelf. Thanks to this adaptability, you can ensure that retailers will be able to stock your product in an area that will drive the most sales.

An Economical Option

Clamshell packaging is among the most affordable types of product packaging on the market. The actual cost of plastic is lower than many other kinds of materials, and this kind of packaging doesn’t make use of many other substances aside from plastic.

You’ll also save on transportation costs. Many shippers charge by both weight and size, and clamshell packaging offers advantages on both fronts. They can be stacked on top of one another without the need for boxes. This lets you ship more products in a single load. It’s also much lighter than other options. The weight of other kinds of packaging materials can quickly add up, but plastic clamshells are very light.

Custom Clamshell Packaging: An Incredible Packaging Solution

Custom clamshell packaging is one of the best packaging methods available today. Its transparent plastic showcases your product, grabbing consumers’ attention and differentiating you from your competitors. With custom product packaging, you’ll always be able to present your product in the best possible way. Ready to get started with your own custom clamshell packaging project? Indepak is here to help. Our team draws on more than 50 years of experience within the packaging industry to offer innovative designs that suit your needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.