If you are searching for a custom packaging solution, blister packaging definitely should be at the top of your list. At Indepak, we can produce any type of blister package you might need, including trap blisters, face seals and clamshells to name a few. Read on to learn several reasons why blister packaging can be an excellent option for your unique product.

1. Blister Packaging Is A Cost-Effective Option
The materials we use for blister packaging are extremely affordable. Trap blisters and face seal blisters typically include a combination of paperboard and thermoform plastic. These materials not only have an affordable price tag, their light weight also helps to reduce your overall shipping costs. Virtually any product can be placed in blister packaging including personal care items, office supplies, electronics, toys, sporting goods, medical & pharmaceutical products and much more.

2. Custom Blister Packaging Is Versatile
The materials we use can be designed in virtually any shape or size, and there are many types of blister packaging. For instance, a face seal blister includes a single piece of paper board and your product in placed in thermoform plastic cavity. This cavity is then sealed to the paper board. This can be an excellent option for our customers that need a high volume of packaging. Another similar custom blister packaging option would be the full face seal, which extends the plastic to the edge of the paperboard, and perhaps just over the edge. This is a pricier option, but offers more protection and the extra plastic also can reinforce the hang hole on your package.

A trap blister is yet another option that includes a cavity that is shaped to fit your product with an extra edge around this plastic cavity. This cavity is placed between two pieces of paperboard thus trapping your product safely and securely.

Sometimes rather than using paperboard and plastic, it makes sense to design blister packaging in a clamshell format. A clamshell is a blister package that folds onto itself with a hinge at one end. Clamshells can be used for many retail products as well as specialty food items. Blister packaging and clamshells can be used for a product with just one piece or multiple parts. We can design custom cavities for each part of your product or produce a thermoform tray insert with one or more cavities.

3. Blister Packaging Is A Sustainable Option
At Indepak, nearly all of the materials we use are recyclable, and using a combination of paperboard and plastic, can reduce the overall amount of plastic you need to use. We can create packaging using materials with post-consumer content, as well. Our designers also ensure that your package is as small as possible, while still protecting and displaying your product to its best advantage. Reducing package size not only conserves materials, it also allows you to ship more units at a time, as more items will fit into your tertiary packaging.

4. Blister Packaging Protects & Defends Your Product
Thermoform plastics are some of the most impact-resistant materials available. Your product can get jostled around and still be well protected by your blister packaging. Additionally, many types of custom blister packs are highly tamper-proof, as well. Furthermore, these packages also protect products from moisture and mold, thus extending the life of your product.

Of course, thermoplastic packaging also allows consumers to see your product, which is another huge advantage. If your product is visible and a competitor’s product is not, this can entice consumers to purchase your product because they truly can see what they are buying. While our designers focus on many aspects, including cost containment, space, weight and strength, presentation is also a huge factor, ensuring that your packaging is as attractive as possible.

If you need any shape or size of blister packaging or clamshell packaging, the team at Indepak can help. For more than 50 years, we have been creating custom packaging for clients from a wide range of industries. We can create blister packs for virtually any product imaginable. Give us a call to day and let’s get started on your custom packaging project. We also will be hosting a booth at WestPack® from February 6-8, 2018. If you plan on attending this amazing expo, be sure to head over to our booth (5505) and discuss your packaging needs.