Affordable, High-Quality Blister Packaging From Indepak

Affordable, High-Quality Blister Packaging From Indepak

As a thermoforming company, creating custom blister packaging is at the heart of what we do. Since 1967, we have been crafting blister packs and other custom thermoformed packaging for clients in virtually every industry, and we can create a blister pack that meets your needs and your budget.

Blister packaging is needed by many different industries. Pharmaceutical companies use a blister pack for unit dose packaging, while many retail companies will use a blister pack to protect and display every imaginable product. We have designed blister packaging to house everything from tools to toys to office supplies and beyond.

Of course, we also can create any type of hinged blister packaging, which is more commonly known as clamshell packaging. These are popular for specialty food items as well as for many retail products.

Our team of designers can craft blister packaging out of a wide array of materials. Some of the materials we use include HDPE, PET, PETG, PP, PVC, OPS and ABS. Almost all of our materials can be recycled, and we also offer some starch-based bio materials for our clients that need highly sustainable options. We also can craft a design that incorporates thermoplastic with other materials, such as pulp or paperboard.

When selecting materials, our designers will consider packaging elements such as strength, weight and, of course, appearance. They will come up with a solution that protects your product and displays the item to its best advantage, while keeping budget in mind the entire time.

No matter what type of blister packaging you might need, the team at Indepak is ready to help. We pride ourselves in providing clients with high-quality, affordable thermoplastic packaging, and we get the job done on time. Contact us today and let’s get started on your blister pack project.