Clamshell Packaging For Any Industry

Clamshell Packaging For Any Industry

One of the most popular types of thermoplastic packaging is the clamshell. This single-piece container, which features a hinge along one edge, can be used for thousands of different products. At Indepak, we create all types of clamshell packaging for our clients from a variety of industries.

For instance, clamshell packaging is quite common within the food industry. A thermoplastic clamshell can be used to store and protect fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods and many types of dessert. Restaurants often use clamshell packages as carryout containers for their customers.

Retailers also often use the clamshell package design to store their products, as well. Thermoplastic clamshell packaging not only can protect your valuable product, customers also appreciate being able to clearly see what they are purchasing. We can create clamshell packaging that is sturdy enough to house just about any product, and we can use heat sealing to ensure that the package is tamper resistant.

At Indepak, our goal is to provide each client with a unique packaging solution. Whether you need a stock clamshell package or a more complex custom piece, we can accommodate your needs and budget. Thermoplastics are among the most versatile materials on earth and our team will provide you with a creative, precise clamshell package that stores and displays your product to its best advantage.

We work with a wide range of thermoplastics, including HIPS, PET, PETG, ABS, PVCE, HDPE, starch-based bio materials and much more. Like most people these days, the team at Indepak is highly concerned with sustainability. We are a low-waste operation, and we offer clients a variety of post-consumer grade materials to consider for their clamshell packaging needs. In addition, nearly every material we use is recyclable.

If you need clamshell packaging for any product, give us a call today and we can get started on the design process. In addition to design, development and production, we can help with package fulfillment, inventory management and shipping of your packages. In this way, Indepak truly provides a total solution for each of its customers.