Custom Blister Packaging From Indepak

Blister packaging can be an excellent option for many different types of products. At Indepak, we’ve been designing different types of blister packs for more than 50 years.

Whether you need to package office supplies, hardware, toys, personal care items, batteries, sporting goods, electronics or medical/pharmaceutical items, we can create a blister pack that meets your needs and budget.

Benefits of Plastic Blister Packaging

1. Protective

Plastic keeps moisture away from your products, and plastic is durable and impact resistant. Many types of blister packaging are highly tamper-proof, as well.

2. Affordable

3. Attractive

4. Recyclable

Types of Blister Packaging

In general, blister packaging includes two pieces, one of which is a clear plastic section with a custom cavity that fits perfectly around your product. The second piece typically is a study piece of pre-printer paperboard, known as a blister card.

Face Seal Blisters

This can be a very affordable option, and can be ideal for less expensive products. With a face seal, the plastic blister includes a custom cavity with edging that extends slightly beyond your product. These edges are sealed to the pre-printed blister card.

Full Face Seal Blisters

Full Card Blisters

Mock Clamshells

Trap Blisters

Pharma Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging Materials

At Indepak, our facility includes multiple lines industrial thermoforming equipment, allowing us to process many different types of plastic materials and meet the needs of a wide range of clients from many industries. Here’s a quick look at the types of plastic we can process.


PET and PETG are perhaps the easiest plastics to recycle, accepted by all curbside recycling programs. PET is commonly used for plastic water bottles, but is approved for food contact, so it can be an excellent option for our specialty food clients, in addition to our clients searching for recyclable blister packaging materials for their retail or personal care products.

We can even use post-consumer recycled PET for food packaging as well as retail packaging. At Indepak, we also are PETG experts, as well, and this can be a very tricky material to process, but it offers glass-like clarity, a high level of heat resistance and it’s extremely strong.




Starch-Based Bioplastics

Keep in mind, we are experts in the creation of trap blisters, which can reduce the amount of plastic you need overall. Additionally, we may be able to create your blister packaging using materials with recycled content. Sustainability is definitely on our minds every time we design custom packaging.

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