Clamshell packs can be an affordable packaging option for many products, including specialty foods, medical products, electronics and many retail products. At Indepak, we’ve been an industry leader in the production of clamshell packaging since 1967, and we often recommend clamshells to our clients for several reasons, including:


  1. Affordability

Thermoform plastics are among the most affordable packaging materials. At Indepak, we work with a wide range of plastic materials, including materials with recycled content and starch-based biomaterials, any of which can be more affordable than options such as cardboard or glass. Additionally, plastics are extremely lightweight, which reduces shipping and transportation costs.


  1. Security

Plastics protect like no other materials, providing a high level of impact resistance and moisture resistance. Sealed clamshell packages are highly tamper-proof, as well. Using plastic materials can protect your product from theft and many types of damage.


  1. Unlimited Designs

With thermoform plastics, we can create custom clamshell packaging in virtually any shape you might need, with custom cavities that fit around your product or product parts precisely. Clear clamshell packs also provide consumers with a good look at your product, and our attractive designs will set your clamshells apart from the competition.


Custom Food Packaging

We can design clamshell packs for many specialty food products. This includes simple plastic clamshell containers to hold fruits and vegetables or perhaps deli sandwiches, cookies and other bakery items.


In addition to clamshell packs, we can design many other types of food packaging. This includes cups, tubs, trays and lids. Innovative food packaging design is one of our areas of expertise and we can create unique custom designs for your food packaging, so let us know what you have in mind and our design team will give you some options. Additionally, if you need modified atmosphere packaging, we can help. We will work directly with your lidding supplier to ensure material compatibility.


Our goal at Indepak is to provide you with an attractive design that fits within your budget, but with food packaging, safety is another huge focus. Our procedures and experienced staff will ensure that materials and processes comply with GMP for direct-contact food packaging.


We also have earned FSSC 22000 certification, which is an ISO-based set of standards created by the Global Food Safety Initiative. This means that all of our food packaging, including clamshell containers, is produced according to strict quality standards.


The FSSC set standards for a number of sectors in the food and beverage industries, including our sector, food packaging companies & manufacturers, as well as food manufacturing, transport and storage, retail and wholesale, animal feed production, farming and even the catering sector. The goal is to ensure the highest possible levels of food safety around the globe, and we are proud to be a part of this program.



Medical Packaging

With our medical and pharmaceutical clients, we often design and produce plastic trays for medical and surgical kits, as well as blister packaging for various products, including medication.


When it comes to clamshell packs, we can design plastic clamshell packaging for many medical products, such as clamshells to hold blood pressure gauges, thermometers, medications and much more. Depending on your needs, we can produce low-particulate packaging intended for non-sterile or downstream sterilization applications.


Along the same lines as medical packaging and healthcare packaging, we also can provide clamshell packs and blister packs for many personal care products. For instance, if you have inexpensive items, such as lip balm, we can design affordable face seal blisters. These include a custom cavity that fits around your product perfectly which is sealed onto a piece of paperboard.


If you need more security, we can design other blister card packaging options, including full-face seal blisters, trap blisters, mock clamshells and traditional clamshells that can be sealed tightly using heat sealing, RF welding or another process. A sealed clamshell is often a perfect option for more expensive items or items that are prone to theft or tampering, and technically a clamshell is a type of blister packaging.


Retail Product Packaging

Through the years, we’ve designed clamshell packs and blister card packaging for a wide array of retail products, including toys, educational materials, hardware & tools, office supplies and much more. Our design team will study your product carefully to determine whether clamshell packaging or another type of blister packaging will be the best fit.


Typically, clamshells are ideal for heavier and more expensive retail items, including electronics. We work with a variety of materials, from conductive to dissipative, and we can provide you with quality electronics packaging that protects your static-sensitive products.


Flexible Vs. Rigid Packaging

At Indepak, we work with rigid thermoform materials, and we do not produce flexible packaging, also known as flex packs. Flexible packaging can be a good option for some products, but rigid plastic is more protective, so while a flex pack might be a good option for dishwasher pods or granola, it won’t be as tamper-proof or protective enough for many delicate items and expensive items.


Still, flexible packaging can be a good option for some companies to consider. If we study your product and believe that flexible packaging or an entirely different type of packaging is the best fit, we will let you know. Our goal is to help every customer find a total packaging solution that truly meets their needs, and even if we can’t help, we can point you in the right direction.


We also can provide you with many sustainable options. While virtually all of the materials we use at Indepak are recyclable, we can make clamshell packs using materials with recycled content and perhaps with starch-based biomaterials.


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