Custom Food Packaging Options From Indepak

Custom Food Packaging From Indepak

According to the Specialty Food Association, specialty food companies sell more than $100 billion in products every year and that number continues to rise. While we don’t create specialty gourmet foods ourselves, we do offer something that all food companies need – custom food packaging. At Indepak, we can offer you top-quality, attractive packaging at an affordable price. Here’s a little bit of information about our custom food packing.

Why Thermoplastic Packaging?

Indepak is a thermoforming company, which means that the primary materials we use are thermoplastics. These materials have many advantages for the food retailer. For instance, thermoplastics can be molded into virtually any shape to protect and display your product.

Thermoplastics also are an excellent option for custom food packaging because they are quite affordable. Not only are the materials we use highly affordable, their light weight ensures that you can keep your transportation costs as low as possible. Thermoplastics also are quite strong and durable. These materials can protect your product and ensure that your specialty foods won’t be damaged during transportation or if they happen to be knocked off a shelf or display counter.


These days, everyone is concerned with preserving the environment, and Indepak is no exception. Virtually all of the materials we use are recyclable, and we even offer some excellent starch-based bio materials that might be an option for your custom food packaging. We also can create combination designs that incorporate thermoplastics as well as materials such as paper or pulp. Not only do we provide you with an assortment of sustainable and recyclable materials, we strive to be a low-waste operation in every aspect of our company.

Food Safety

We work with a wide range of thermoplastic materials, and we have many options that comply with GMP for direct food contact. Thermoplastics such as OPS and PET have long been used for food and beverage packaging, and these are just two of the options that might fit your needs. In addition, our production processes also are in compliance with GMP, so you’ll never have to worry about food safety with Indepak.

The Design & Production Process

Our design team has decades of experience creating packaging, and extensive experience in creating custom food packaging. We can produce everything from candy and cookie trays to containers with lids to trays suitable for microwavable foods and much more. We also can design custom clamshells for use as take-out containers, fruit and veggie containers or containers that hold bakery goods and more.

Our design process begins with simply spending some time learning about your company, your product and your packaging needs. From there, the design team will create a prototype of your packaging, and once that has been approved we can move on to production. Our facility features a wide range of thermoforming equipment, which allows us to meet the needs of many different clients and deliver your custom food packaging as quickly as possible. And, of course, quality controls are always in place. We are an ISO-registered company and can provide complete traceability on each item all the way back to our suppliers’ manufacturing records.

In addition to our design and production services, we also provide package fulfilment and inventory management services. Our goal is always to provide each client with a total packaging solution that fits their needs as well as their budget. If you need custom food packaging, give us a call today and we can get started on your project.