At Indepak, we’ve been creating custom plastic containers and custom product packaging since 1967. Here’s a quick look at how plastics can be an excellent packaging choice, and the types of plastic packaging we can provide to customers throughout a wide range of industries.

Why Plastic? 5 Advantages of Plastic Packaging

There are many packaging materials available including paper and cardboard, glass and aluminum, but plastics have the advantage over these materials for several reasons.

1. Cost Containment – First and foremost, plastics are one of the most affordable material options, and can help keep your packaging costs to a minimum, even when opting for custom plastic containers over a stock container. It also costs far less to transport plastic packaging, as it is the most lightweight packaging option.

 2. Protection – Plastics can protect your products in several ways. The plastics we use at Indepak are impact-resistant, which protects your products during transport or if they are knocked off a store shelf. Plastics also can lock out moisture and mold, preventing damage to retail products and medical products and extending the shelf life of specialty food products.

3. Tamper-Resistance – If you need to keep a product secure, there are few better packaging options than a tightly sealed clamshell container. We can design tamper-proof and tamper-resistant packaging that meets your needs and budget.

4. Visibility – When consumers can see your product, they are far more likely to purchase it. A well-designed custom plastic container showcases your product as well as provides a high level of protection.

5. Versatility – While you can create fairly complex designs with paperboard or cardboard, glass and other materials are less easy to customize, and no materials are as customizable as thermoform plastics. We can create virtually any packaging configuration that you might need, including trays with custom cavities and plastic clamshells that fit precisely around your unique product.

Stock Plastic Containers Vs. Custom Plastic Containers

For some packaging projects, opting for stock plastic containers can make good financial sense as stock packaging is created in large production runs which reduces costs. Typically, stock packaging, or ready-made packaging, can be a good option for companies with a smaller budget whose products can fit easily in non-custom packaging.

However, for many products, custom plastic containers can be a better option. For instance, if you sell cookies or crackers, a custom tray can better protect these delicate items. If you produce toy sets with many parts, custom product packaging can ensure that each item is protected and displayed to its best advantage.

Custom plastic containers often are the best option any time you wish to display a product to consumers or if you need more security and protection. For a takeaway container at a restaurant, customization is probably not essential, but for an expensive personal care item or a specialty food product, a well-designed custom package can entice customers while protecting your product.

Custom Plastic Containers

Whether you need custom plastic bins with lids (or without) or another type of plastic container, we can design whatever you might need. Through the years, we have designed containers for a myriad of industries, including specialty foods, medical & pharmaceutical, electronics, personal care and many retail products.

Custom Blister Packaging

Blister packs can be a highly affordable option for many retail products. A face seal blister, which is a custom plastic cavity attached to paperboard is a highly affordable option for inexpensive, lightweight products. For more expensive and heavier items, we can upgrade for full-face seal blisters, full card blisters and trap blisters, which include a custom plastic cavity “trapped” between two sealed pieces of paperboard.

Custom Clamshell Packaging

Clamshells are actually a type of blister packaging, but they tend to be thought of in a class by themselves. Clamshell containers can be a good option for food products, such as fresh produce and deli items. Clamshells also are ideal for higher-priced personal care items and retail products, such as electronics and tools. These can be sealed tightly or secured with a built-in tab, a staple or perhaps an adhesive strip.

Custom Thermoform Trays

Custom trays can be a good option for many products. We can design food trays for frozen meals or on-the-go snack packages or deli and bakery items, as well as packaged cookies and crackers. We also often design trays for clients in the medical industry, including medical kit trays and trays to hold medications and syringes securely.

Plastic trays also can be a good option for products with multiple parts, such as tool kits, toy sets and office supplies. Additionally, can design business-to-business tote trays that fit into your processes seamlessly as well as agricultural trays to hold small plants and seedlings.

Sustainable Packaging Options

When you think about plastics, sustainability might not immediately spring to mind, but there are many sustainable packaging options with plastics. We can create plastic using starch-based bioplastics (derived from renewable sources) and we can create packaging using recycled content instead of virgin plastic materials. We also can create packaging types such as trap blisters and other blisters that reduce the overall amount of plastic needed for your packaging project.

Additionally, custom plastic containers can be designed to fit precisely around your product, eliminating the need for excess packaging materials. The package might be small, but it will still protect your product from damage and the elements. For instance, plastics can reduce food waste, keeping food products fresh for many days or weeks, and reducing waste is a huge component of sustainability.

Because of their lightweight, plastics materials cost less to transport, but this light weight also can be transported using fewer fossil fuels. Paper packaging, glass and other materials are far heavier and that extra weight burns fuel, which is just another reason why plastics can be an eco-friendly option.

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