The team at Indepak has been designing and producing custom plastic containers and custom plastic packaging for more than 50 years. We’ve been at the forefront of the plastics industry since 1967, serving a wide range of industries.

Whether you produce specialty foods, personal care items, medicines or medical kits, retail products or electronics, we can provide packaging that fits your needs and budget, including the following:

Custom Plastic Containers –We can create custom plastic containers for many types of businesses. This might include containers to hold parts and supplies throughout your operation or perhaps business-to-business tote trays used in automation applications.

Additionally, if you need plastic tubs, we can design these, as well. For instance, we can design tubs (with or without lids) for your specialty food product. If you need custom plastic tubs to hold frozen yogurt or ice cream or tubs for candy and snacks, we can create tubs in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Custom Blister Packs – If you need blister trays for single-dose medication or perhaps a blister pack for a retail or personal care item, we can help. Throughout the last 50 years, we have designed custom blisters for a wide range of products and we are experts at designs such as trap blisters, which can be a great option for companies that want sustainable designs that incorporate paper or pulp and reduce the overall use for plastic.

Custom Thermoform Trays – No matter what size or shape of plastic tray you might need, the design team at Indepak can create it. We can create custom trays for specialty food products, such as cookies, crackers and candy. We also can create trays to hold sets of items, such as a toy or toolset with multiple parts. These trays can then slide into larger packaging and the tray will keep the individual parts secure.

Plastic Clamshell Containers – Clamshells are the ideal containers for a wide range of products and food items. We can create clamshells to hold deli items, bakery goods, fresh fruit, veggies or any other food item. We also can create clamshells with trays if you need to keep items separate from one another.

For retail products, we can create clamshells that cover and protect your entire product and we also have many sealing options (heat sealing, RF welding, etc.), so if you need package fulfillment, we can help.

Additional Projects
At Indepak, not everything we create is a package. We can create plastic parts, as well as innovative designs that meet all of your needs. For instance, perhaps you produce first aid kits and need a container that stores each item in its proper place or you need a container that can hold individual vials of medication or laboratory equipment. Our experienced design team can create just about anything you might need.

Why Plastic?
Plastic also is one of the most affordable packaging options, and while that certainly drives many companies to select plastic for their packaging, there are several other reasons why plastic might be your best option.

From a design standpoint, thermoform plastics provide us with nearly unlimited possibilities for creating custom plastic containers and custom packaging, including plastic clamshell containers and blisters.

Additionally, plastic is highly protective, keeping your product safe during transport and if it is dropped or jostled while on the shelf. Plastic can help reduce food waste, as well, and we can create specialty food packaging suitable for MAP processes or design packaging that consumers can reclose securely for later use.

Plastic allows consumers to see what they are buying, and many studies have shown that when a customer can see a product, they are more like to buy that product. Add an attractive label, and you can engage many new customers.

Why Choose Indepak?
1. Experience – We’ve been an industry leader in the thermoform packaging industry for more than 50 years, and our design team can handle just about any creative challenge. Our production team also has extensive experience working with a wide range of plastic materials.

2. Cost-Containment – At Indepak, we keep just about every aspect of your project in-house. From design to prototype to production, our facility handles everything right here at our Portland facility. This keeps costs down, as we don’t have to outsource any aspects of our production process.

3. Fast Production Lines – Our facility includes multiple lines of high-speed thermoforming equipment, allowing us to meet the needs of multiple clients at one time. Additionally, our variety of equipment is capable of processing many types of thermoform plastic materials, including ABS, HDPE, HIPS, OPS, PET, PETG and starch-based biomaterials.

4. Sustainable Options – We are proud to be headquartered in Portland, Oregon, a center of environmental innovation. We’ve been recycling, reusing and reducing long before it was popular or required.

While nearly all of the materials we use at Indepak are recyclable, we also can provide you with custom plastic containers or plastic clamshell containers that incorporate recycled content or perhaps use starch-based biomaterials. We also can create combination designs, such as trap blisters, that reduce the overall amount of plastic needed to create your packaging.

5. Additional Services – At Indepak, it’s always our goal to provide each client with a total solution. While we always provide top-quality design, prototyping and production, we also can provide you with package fulfillment services, inventory management and on-time shipping.

If you need custom plastic containers, plastic clamshell containers, blister packaging, trays or something else, such as tubs with lids or perhaps something a bit unique, give the team at Indepak a call at any time. During this time of social distancing, we can talk over the phone or via video chat to discuss your thermoforming project.