While the main goal of package design is to create packaging that keeps products safe and secure, we also strive to create custom plastic packaging that appeals to consumers. After all, a great package can entice a customer to select your product over another option. As our design team creates each new custom package, they keep the following ideas in mind.

1. Grab Your Audience
No matter what type of product you sell, you appeal to a specific audience. While you probably are well aware of your target audience, have you done some research to see what types of design appeal to this audience? Whether your targeting young parents or older adults, men or women, teens or millennials, ensure that your design reflects their needs and values.

2. Make It Convenient
People lead busy lives and they don’t want to waste time dealing with packaging issues. This is especially true with food packaging. Creating a design that’s easy to open and easy to close is important, especially if your product is targeted at families with small children. For many food items, people also want a design that includes a lid so that leftover food can be stored for future use.

We can design attractive custom plastic packaging with lids to make it easy to store food for future use. We also can create a design that can stack easily, which is a great idea if people tend to purchase multiple units of your product.

3. Sustainability Is Important
More and more consumers are making decisions based upon sustainability. All of the materials we use for custom plastic packaging are recyclable, and we also offer materials with recycled content as well as starch-based bioplastics. We highly recommend that your label reflect your commitment to the environment. If your package contains recycled content or contains bioplastic, be sure to advertise it. On your label, add a line about recycling the packaging to remind consumers that your package can be placed in a recycling bin where it will be transformed into something new.

4. Make A Clear Statement
One of the advantages of using plastic for your packaging, especially for retail products, is that consumers can see what they are buying. Beyond seeing it for themselves, consumers want to be able to find information about your product as quickly as possible. A consumer wants to look at your product and immediately understand what it is and what’s included.

For food packaging, adding nutritional information is required, but if you have a few special features, be sure that the label design reflects that. For instance, perhaps your ingredients are organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or GMO-free. Consumers are looking for these specific types of products, so make it very obvious on the front of your packaging. When it comes to retail custom plastic packaging, unless you are selling a single item, be sure that you clearly list everything that is included within the package.

5. Build Your Brand
People become loyal to brands they like. If you have a great product, a customer is likely to try out any new products you release. This is especially true with food and personal care items. It’s crucial, however, that the custom plastic packaging for a new product looks similar to your current product line. Ensure that your logo is clear, and consider using the same fonts and design elements. People will be able to recognize your brand quickly, even though the product is new. A great designer creates packaging and labels that can evolve easily as your product line expands.

At Indepak, we’ve been creating custom plastic packaging for more than 50 years. Our areas of specialization include creating packaging for specialty foods products, medical & pharmaceutical packaging, electronics packaging and all types of retail packaging. We strive to create affordable custom packaging with an innovative and attractive design. Give us a call today, and we can discuss your packaging project.