Custom Retail Packaging From Indepak

Custom Retail Packaging From Indepak

Every product deserves a great package. At Indepak, we’ve been designing and producing affordable, attractive custom retail packaging since 1967. Here’s quick look at what we do and how we can help your company.

Materials We Use
We create custom retail packaging using a process known as thermoforming. For this process, large thin sheets of thermoform plastic are fed into thermoforming machines and transformed into your packaging. Our facility includes multiple lines of high-speed thermoforming equipment, capable of processing a wide range of materials, including HIPS, PET, PETG, ABS, PVC, OPS, HDPE, PP and more. No matter what type of retail product you produce, we can find materials that suit your needs as well as your budget.

Indepak is located in Portland, Oregon, which has long been a center of environmental innovation. We’ve been recycling, renewing and re-using for decades, long before it was popular or required. We strive to be a low-waste operation in every aspect of our business, and virtually all of the materials we use are recyclable. In addition to using traditional thermoform plastics, we also can use post-consumer-grade materials, starch-based bioplastics and combination designs that incorporate plastic with paper and pulp.

Custom Retail Packaging Options
Throughout the past 50 years, we have designed custom retail packaging for a wide range of products, including tools, office supplies, personal care items, toys, electronics and much more. Our design team and production can create virtually any type of packaging you might need including clamshell packaging, trap blisters, face seal blisters, tri-fold packaging and custom thermoform trays. We also can create point-of-purchase displays and containers with or without lids.

Our Process
Each custom retail packaging project begins with a meeting between the client and our design team. Our goal is to fully understand your manufacturing process, marketing needs, merchandising and consumer needs before we begin developing an initial design and prototype. Our designers consider many factors while developing your package prototype including weight, strength, space, cost containment and so on.

Once the prototype has been developed and approved, we can move onto production. Our multiple lines of high-speed equipment ensure that we can meet the needs of a many clients in a timely fashion. Our equipment is capable of thermoforming rigid materials from .008” to .080” in thickness and foam materials from about 1/16” up to ¼”.

Additional Services
Our goal is to provide each of our clients with a total packaging solution, thus we offer services beyond the production of custom retail packaging. For instance, if you need package fulfilment, we offer helpful services such as RF welding and heat sealing. Our facility includes 50,000 feet of warehouse space, so we also offer customized inventory management. We can manage your inventory levels whether you have a simple minimum/maximum system or a complex customer-based web portal.

If you need quality custom retail packaging, the team at Indepak is happy to help. To reach an Indepak representative, you can call us anytime at (800) 338-1857, email us at or simply click on the Contact tab on our homepage, which will direct you to our quick contact form.

"I personally have been working with Indepak for nearly ten years and have found your company to be easy to work with. You have helped to solve some unique packaging problems and have added value to our product line."

– Acumed LLC