Custom Thermoform Molding From Indepak

Custom Thermoform Molding From Indepak

Thermoform molding is a process by which thin plastic sheets are transformed into a product or package. Here’s a quick look at the thermoforming process, and a few facts about Indepak’s role in the thermoforming industry.

How Thermoform Molding Works
In order to create items such as packaging, thermoform trays, lids and other products, we create a special mold of your unique item which is placed in a thermoforming machine. Large thin sheets of plastic are fed into the machine and heated until they are malleable. Once the correct temperature has been achieved, your product is formed using either vacuum forming or pressure forming.

For vacuum forming, the force of a vacuum is used to maneuver the thermoform plastic into the mold. Pressure forming is similar, but for this process, we use some additional pressure to fit the plastic into the mold. Pressure forming is an excellent option for products or packaging with complex shapes or designs.

Materials We Use
For our thermoform molding production, we use a wide variety of thermoform plastics, including ABS, PET, PETG, HDPE, HIPS, PP, OPS, PVC and more. All of these materials are recyclable, and we also can use post-consumer materials as well as starch-based bio materials for many of our packaging projects. We also offer the option of combination designs, using both thermoform plastics along with paperboard or pulp.

What We Can Create
Thermoform molding is a highly versatile process, and we can create virtually anything you might need. We specialize in providing our customers with all types of custom packaging, including clamshell packaging, blister packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, flexible packaging, containers with lids and thermoform trays.

Our facility includes multiple lines of high-speed thermoform molding equipment, which allows us to meet the needs of a variety of clients as quickly as possible. These machines can process thermoform plastic materials from .008” to .080” in thickness and foam materials from about 1/16” up to ¼”.

Industries We Serve
Over the last 50 years, we have created packaging and products for a wide range of industries. This includes the specialty foods industry, pharmaceutical & medical industries, electronics firms, industrial firms, agricultural firms and a myriad of retail companies.

Additional Services
In addition to offering full thermoform molding services, we also provide package fulfilment and inventory management services. Our goal is to provide each customer with a total solution for all of their packaging needs.

At Indepak, we have been creating quality custom thermoform molding products and packaging for our clients since 1967. If you need any type of custom thermoform plastic packaging, give us a call today and we can set up a meeting to discuss your project.