Just as every product is unique, the design of every package also needs to be unique. Custom thermoforming is the perfect solution for your packaging needs. At Indepak, we create custom thermoform packaging for virtually every industry including packaging for a huge variety of retail products, food products, pharmaceutical products, electronics and much more.

While you might know that custom thermoforming is a process by which thin sheets of plastic are heated and molded into shape, it might interest you to know that not all plastic is created equal. For every product there is a specific type of plastic best suited as a material for packaging.

For instance, some plastics are ideal for holding liquids while others are not. Some are more easily recycled than others although all thermoplastics can be recycled. However, polyethylene terephthalate and high-density polyethylene are the two types of plastics most commonly accepted by curbside recycling programs. These two plastics are excellent options for many custom thermoforming projects.

One of the main advantages to using custom thermoforming as your packaging source is the cost. Not only is plastic generally a very affordable material, it’s lightweight and that can help you reduce your shipping costs. Shipping costs are a huge expense, and these costs just keep going up. Using lightweight thermoform plastics can be a helpful step in reducing your overall operating costs. At Indepak, we can come up with a custom product packaging that suits your needs and budget.

Keep in mind, we don’t just use custom thermoforming to create packages. Many specialized products can be created with custom thermoforming, as well. For instance, thermoformed trays are used by many industries to hold everything from cookies to syringes. In some industries, it is important to have trays with anti-static properties and we can produce these industrial thermoformed trays with tight tolerances to ensure that they work perfectly for yours needs.

In addition, we also can produce custom thermoformed foam to your specifications. Thermoformed foam is used to make a variety of products including toys, plates, mats and much more. It also can be customized to help protect your product within its packaging, such as a computer or television set. We can design thermoformed foam products to suit your specific needs.

Contact a representative at Indepak today and discuss your custom thermoforming needs. We can help you every step of the way from design to production and even fulfillment. We’ve been providing customers with custom packaging solutions since 1967 and can help you with any type of custom thermoforming project.