Can your plastic blister packaging be an environmentally-friendly option? Absolutely, it can. At Indepak, we can create a plastic blister using the most sustainable materials possible. Here’s a quick look at some of the options available for our clients focused on sustainability.

1. Using Recyclable Materials
Did you know that virtually all thermoform plastics can be recycled? Just about every material we use here at Indepak can be placed in a recycling bin. No matter what type of product you might have, we can create a plastic blister or clamshell package that can be recycled easily by consumers.

2. Recycled Content
Once a package or cup or bottle has been tossed into the recycling bin, it can enjoy another life as a new package or part. Your plastic blister can be created entirely or in part using recycled materials. We also might have the option of using either post-consumer or pre-consumer materials. Post-consumer materials are those that consumers actually used, such as package or a water bottle. Pre-consumer materials are those materials, such as plastic scraps, that weren’t in contact with consumers.

3. The Bioplastic Option
Throughout the last few decades, the world of bioplastics has experienced a renaissance. Created from plant starch, a renewable resource, bioplastics can be a great option for many products. Polylactic acid, a biodegradable starch-based thermoplastic, can be used to create items such as plastic cups and trays, as well as a plastic blister. While bioplastics aren’t always the best option for every product, our design team can determine whether or not bioplastics might work for your packaging needs.

4. The Impact Of Design
In order to create a plastic blister, we use high-speed thermoforming equipment. A large thin sheet of plastic is fed into a thermoforming machine where it heated, molded, cool and trimmed. The excess material trimmed away is known as a web, and our goal is to ensure that this web is as small as possible. We want to use as much of a sheet of plastic as we can, as this reduces the total amount of plastic sheets needed for your project. Not only does this reduce waste, it also can trim a bit off the costs, as well.

How do we do this? Our expert design team works diligently to ensure that we maximize the use of each sheet of plastic. Of course, the remaining “web” is never simply thrown away. We can re-use this plastic for future projects or ensure that it heads to a recycling center. Additionally, we also strive to make your packaging as small as possible to limit the amount of materials used.

We highly recommend highlighting the recyclability and sustainability of your plastic blister packaging. While each package can include the recycling symbol, it also is wise to list somewhere on your package that this plastic blister is 100% recyclable. If post-consumer or recycled content was used to create the plastic blister, be sure to list this information, as well. These days most consumers are concerned about sustainability. If they have to choose between your package and a similar product, your more eco-friendly approach to packaging, can make this choice easier for your customers.

At Indepak, we can create any type of plastic blister or clamshell package that you might need. We work with a range of retail companies, and can provide you with a package design that is attractive, affordable, protective and as sustainable as possible. If you are interested in learning more about Indepak, give us a call or fill out our quick contact form, locating under the Contact tab on our homepage.