If you are in the specialty food industry, you need containers and packaging. It is simply part of the equation. Plastic food packaging can be an excellent option because it’s durable and lightweight. You also have the option of clear plastic food packaging, which showcases your product for consumers.

At Indepak, we create all kinds of plastic food packaging. Our clients range from restauranteurs and caterers to companies that produce a wide variety of food and beverages. Some of the thermoplastic packages we create include clamshell packaging, thermoform trays and containers with lids.

Clamshell packaging can be used at restaurants to secure food for takeout orders, deliveries and to hold leftovers. Clamshells also can hold bakery items, fresh fruit, vegetables and much more. This is a type of plastic food packaging with an attached lid that opens like a clamshell, which is where it gets its name.

Thermoform trays are a common product that we produce for customers. This variety of plastic food packaging can be used to store candy, crackers, cookies and other individual food items. Trays can be created with specialty compartments, such as those used for frozen dinners. The trays keep items sorted and protected and can then be placed into another type of container, such as a box.

Many companies need containers with lids, and this type of plastic food packaging includes reusable containers and lids, as well as single use containers with lids for all sorts of foods. Often we design a lid and container using two different types of thermoplastic.

There are specific types of thermoplastic that need to be used for plastic food packaging. Some packages need to be able to withstand the heat of the microwave or oven, while others need to be able to hold certain types of liquids. We can take a close look at your product and come up with a custom packaging solution that will protect and store your product safely and effectively.

We don’t just focus on design, although that is a top priority. In addition to development, production and quality control, we also can help with package fulfillment, inventory management and shipping. Our aim is to offer each client a total solution that truly fits your needs as well as your budget. World-class customer service is also a big part of that equation. If you would like to discuss your plastic food packaging needs, give the team at Indepak a call today. We have been helping clients with their thermoplastic packaging and product needs since 1967.