As the years pass by, many of our clients are selling more and more of their products through ecommerce rather than just at traditional brick and mortar stores. Perhaps even four or five years ago, you might not have considered the differences between packaging for a brick and mortar location versus an online store, but it might be time to consider your plastic packaging options.

Brick & Mortar Packaging
When you are selling items at a physical location where consumers shop, the type of product packaging you use needs to fulfill several crucial goals. Shopping at a store is an experience, and more and more, consumers are looking for enticing plastic packaging designs that improve that user experience. You want to craft a design that speaks to the customer and encourages them to select your product over a competitor’s product.

Additionally, product packaging at brick and mortar stores needs to be able to prevent tampering, which can be a huge problem. Well-sealed clamshells, for instance, can provide you with a high level of protection, making it tough to simply open up your packaging as it sits on the shelf.

Ecommerce Packaging
On the flip side, ecommerce is all about ease and convenience, so while design might be important, it’s not as crucial as provided the exact product a consumer wants or needs. Tampering isn’t as big of an issue, either, and the ecommerce consumer definitely appreciates any effort you make to create product packaging that’s easy to open.

For a brick and mortar merchant, you might use a heat-sealed clamshell, but for the ecommerce consumer, you might bypass the heat sealing option and a full perimeter seal in order to make it easier for consumers to open the product. Amazon actually allows vendors to qualify their product packaging as Certified Frustration-Free Packaging if it meets certain criteria, and this certification can entice consumers, although it’s not an option for every type of product.

So, should you really design two different packages for one product? This sounds like an expensive proposition, but in the long run, it may lower costs and increase profits. If you find that more and more of your sales are coming from ecommerce sites, it might make sense to design a smaller, easy-open package for these websites. These packages may cost less to produce as they focus less on aesthetics, tend to use less material and don’t require advanced sealing techniques.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to all consumers, regardless of where they shop. Whether you need plastic packaging for a brick and mortar store or an ecommerce site, we can provide you with product packaging made from recyclable materials, with recycled content or perhaps even using starch-based bioplastics. Our design team works diligently to reduce waste, creating smaller packages or using combination design that incorporate paper and pulp to limit the amount of plastic.

At Indepak, we can create any type of plastic packaging that you might need, and we can help you decide which types of product packaging might be best for brick and mortar stores versus ecommerce sites. Our design team loves the challenge of creating amazing packaging that fits your needs and budget, as well as appealing to consumers. Give us a call at any time to discuss your packaging needs.