Retail Packaging: Design, Production & Fulfillment Services

Quality Custom Retail Packaging From Indepak

For 50 years, the team at Indepak has created custom retail packaging for thousands of unique products. Our goal is to create high-quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging that stands out from your competition. Here’s a quick look at the types of packaging we can create as well as our production process.

Why Thermoplastics?

As a thermoforming company, we specialize in creating thermoplastic custom retail packaging. Thermoplastics are the ideal packaging option for most retail products for several reasons. Because of their versatility, we can create just about any size or shape of packaging that you might need. Additionally, thermoplastics are highly affordable materials, so it’s easy for us to create a package design that fits within your budget. While thermoplastics are lightweight and thin, they offer a high level of protection for your product while displaying the item to its best advantage.

Packaging Options

We specialize in several different types of custom retail packaging, including blisters & trap blisters, clamshells, thermoform trays and multi-fold packaging.

Blisters are one common option for custom retail packaging, and there are several different options for blister packages. For instance, a face seal blister is a type of package where thermoplastic surrounds, protects and displays your product and this plastic is heat sealed to a paperboard card. In some cases, we will sandwich the product and its plastic covering between two cards, one of which features a die-cut opening in the shape of your product. These two cards are sealed together, creating what is known as a trap blister.

Clamshells are packages with a hinge at one edge that open much like the shell of a clam, and clamshells actually are blisters that fold onto themselves. These packages can be designed to hold virtually any product, from drills to headphones to make-up bottles and almost anything else you can imagine. If your product has multiple parts, a clamshell can be designed to feature cavities that fit perfectly each piece. We also can create a custom thermoform tray for these parts that fits into a clamshell package.

Multi-fold packaging or tri-fold packaging is another option, and this can be a good choice for our customers that want retail packaging that can stand up on its own. Of course, we can design this packaging to include a slot for hanging so that you can display the product upright on shelves or hanging on hooks, providing you with as much versatility as possible.

The Design & Production Process

Our first step is to meet with a client and discuss their product and packaging needs. As we work on the initial design, we keep a number of factors in mind, including space, weight, strength, presentation and cost containment to come up with the best possible solution for each client.

Once the design has been approved, we create a prototype for your evaluation and after that has been approved, we can move on to production. Our facility includes a wide range of industrial thermoforming equipment to enable us to better serve the needs of each unique. Our multiple lines of quality, high-speed equipment can process many different thermoplastic materials including ABS, HDPE, HIPS, PET, PETG, PVC, OPS and even some starch-based bio materials.

Extra Services

At Indepak, we aim to provide total packaging solutions for each client and this is why we offer services beyond design and production such as package fulfilment and inventory management. We have 50,000 square feet of warehouse space and can create a custom inventory management system for each client.

If you are ready to talk about our custom retail packaging services, don’t hesitate to give us a call, send us an email or fill out the contact form located on our website.