Every product needs a package, and custom thermoforming is an excellent option for retail product packaging. By using thermoplastics, you can create virtually any shape or size of package to protect and preserve any type of product.

At Indepak, we create custom retail product packaging for many different industries. Our clients include companies from the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the specialty foods industry, the electronics and high tech industries, the agricultural industry and many retail companies.

For our retail clients, we can create functional, attractive packaging for virtually any product. Our retail product packaging includes the creation of clamshell packaging and blister packaging as well as multi-fold and tray/lid combinations. Custom retail product packaging can be designed using many different types of thermoplastic, depending on your needs and budget.

A blister pack is one of the more common types of retail product packaging, and we design these for hundreds of different clients each year. Often, a blister pack will include a paperboard backing or perhaps a seal of aluminum foil or perhaps very thin plastic. Blister packs can be used to package millions of products, including medicines, pens and pencils, scissors, tools, toys, batteries, glue sticks and much more.

A clamshell is a type of blister pack that folds on to itself, and this is also a common type of retail product packaging as well as electronics product packaging. This can be created to fit the exact specifications and shape of your product. Generally, this type of retail product packaging will include a thin sheet of paper that labels the product and contains information or instructions regarding your product. With a blister pack, your logo and information often are printed on the paperboard.

At Indepak, our design team can create an attractive package that appeals to your customers, but we also are concerned with aspects such as security and sealing methods. In addition to design and production, we also can help with package fulfilment and inventory management. In this way, we provide a total solution for a client that takes them from the earliest stages of design all the way to shipping out the completed product.

If you need retail product packaging or perhaps packaging for a food product, medicine, agricultural product or virtually anything else, give us a call and let’s get started with the design product. Also, in addition to creating all types of thermoformed packaging, we also can create many custom thermoformed products.