Here at Indepak, we understand that product packaging can be the heart and soul of your branding efforts. Great packaging should offer a holistic benefit to your product and brand. It shouldn’t just be functionally sound; it should also add a little flair, substance, and style to your products. That is why Indepak boasts a broad variety of packaging, ranging from thermoform trays to clamshell packaging and everything in between.

Our state-of-the-art facility churns out top-notch product packaging suitable for practically every industry. Pharmaceuticals, the food sector, laboratories, electronics firms, the agricultural industry, and many different types of retail companies to name a few. Our full line of packaging solutions includes the following items:

Thermoformed Trays
We opened our doors at Indepak back in 1967 and since that time, thermoformed trays have been a big part of our business. And for good reason. These versatile trays can be designed to hold just about any product or products and are applicable to a variety of industries, ranging from food service to pharmaceutical.

When it comes to thermoform trays, Indepak is a clear leader. Here, we leverage long-standing knowledge on thermoforming, function-specific materials and the latest techniques to come up with thermoform trays that marry well with your products. Our thermoform trays are as unique as your company.

Business-to-Business Thermoform Trays
For decades, Indepak has offered high-tech industries with thermoform tray solutions that fit the bill, including business-to-business and internal tote trays. Most of them have anti-static properties as a mainstay feature. We process them to the highest standards, with high tolerance and immaculate precision to work seamlessly with your process.

Pharmaceutical/Medical Thermoform Trays
We produce thermoform trays for downstream sterilization or non-sterile applications. Our process ensures that each product can be traced to box level.

Other Types Of Thermoform Trays & Containers
Other industries we serve include agriculture, retail, specialty foods and electronics. Most of these trays are made to agreed-upon terms, with such features as anti-static, conductive or non-abrasion. For our food industry clients, we design packaging, containers and thermoform trays to hold a myriad of food items. We can create everything from trays that hold cookies and crackers to trays for frozen dinners and much more.

Blister Packaging
Beyond thermoform trays, blister packaging is another one of our specialties. Our team of packaging engineers and designers endeavor to create blister packaging with no or minimal waste. We also opt for materials for use in packaging that either contain post-consumer grade materials or are very recyclable. This includes thermoplastics such as PET or HDPE, both of which are quite easily recycled.

Clamshell Packaging
Our clamshell containers feature a hinge along one edge, making it suitable for thousands of products from a variety of industries. For instance, a thermoformed clamshell can be used to protect and store fresh veggies, fruits, baked goodies and any dessert. Clamshell packages also can hold a variety of retail products and we offer several different sealing options to ensure that your product stays safe and secure.

Of course, we can create more than thermoplastic packaging and thermoform trays. If you need a product created from thermoplastic, give us a call. We can design just about any thermoplastic product that you might need. Thermoplastic is not only highly versatile, it’s also highly affordable, and our goal is always to provide clients with the highest qualities products at the lowest possible cost.