At Indepak, we create all manner of thermoform trays for a variety of industries. Thermoform trays can be an excellent option for many different types of products, and we can create virtually any type or size of tray that you might need.

For our medical or pharmaceutical customers, we create thermoform trays for many different products. When it comes to medical products, security and safety are highly important, and our carefully designed thermoform trays can be designed to hold securely all types of medicine, syringes and medical instruments.

Safety is also a big concern for those within the food and beverage industry. When it comes to thermoform trays, our team of designers can create custom thermoform packaging that protects your food product as well as keeping it fresh. We can design thermoform trays for virtually any type of food item, from cookie trays to cracker trays to frozen dinners and much more.

Of course many other industries need thermoform trays, and we can create thermoform trays for any type of product you might have, not limited to medical or food products. Electronics firms, agricultural companies and retail companies all might need custom thermoform trays, and we can help every step of the way.

Thermoform trays can be produced using a wide variety of plastics, depending on your needs and budget. For instance, thermoform trays can be produced using polyethylene terephthalate or high-density polyethylene, which are two of the easiest thermoplastics to recycle. These two particular thermoplastics typically always are accepted by curbside recycling centers. Keep in mind that generally all types of thermoplastics can be recycled and more and more cities are expanded their recycling programs to include as many types of thermoplastics as possible.

Your thermoform tray also can be created out of just about any other type of thermoplastic, from sturdy PVC or extremely lightweight polystyrene. We can create thermoform trays using thermoplastics that are just right for your specific product. We also offer some unique options such as bioplastics and or plastics with recycled content.

It is our goal at Indepak to provide you with a total solution for your custom thermoform packaging needs. This includes the development and production of your product, such as a thermoform tray, as well as package fulfillment, inventory management and shipping. For nearly 50 years we have been helping customers with their thermoform packaging needs. Contact us today and we will get started designing your custom thermoform trays or any other type of thermoform packaging that you might need.