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If you need custom plastic packaging, thermoforming companies are where to turn, and, at Indepak, we’ve been designing and producing packaging for more than 50 years. But, that’s certainly not the only thermoformed product we can provide for our clients. Here’s a quick look at some of the services you might need.

Thermoform Trays

Many industrial firms will need internal material handling trays, pick and place trays or business-to-business tote trays. These trays often are used for automation applications and often need to have anti-static properties.

We can design any type of pick and place or tote tray you might need, with as many cavities or compartments necessary. We produce industrial thermoform products with tight tolerances to work flawlessly in your process.

For instance, our design team can provide you with trays that feature round, oval, rectangular, square or cylindrical cavities. Of course, you also might need trays with a variety of cavity shapes, and we certainly can provide you with this option, as well. No matter what type of tray design you might need, we can provide it.

We also create trays for our medical and pharmaceutical clients, as well as for specialty food companies and retail companies. Foam trays are another option we can provide, which are ideal if you need to ship small parts.

Point-Of-Purchase Displays

Point-Of-Purchase or POP displays definitely need to attract some attention. Whether these are placed as signage next to your product or actual displays that hold your products, it’s crucial that these are beautifully designed to catch the eye. There are many different options for POP displays, and some of these can be created using thermoform plastics while others are produced using paperboard.

Tubs & Lids

We can create custom tubs with custom lids for just about any product. For instance, we have created tubs and lids for the specialty foods industry, but we also can create tubs for retail products. In some cases, the tubs and lids might be the product, and we can produce thin-gauge storage tubs, as well.

Blister Packaging

Thermoforming companies can provide many different types of blister packs. We can provide you with any level of blister packaging you might need. For instance, for less expensive products, we often recommend a basic face seal blister. This includes a paperboard backing and the plastic blister is designed to fit around your product precisely and then sealed to the paperboard.

If you need a bit more security, we can provide you with a full face seal blister where the plastic extends all the way to end of the paperboard. This is a great option for a more expensive item or perhaps a heavier item. Trap blisters are yet another option. For these, we design a plastic blister slightly larger than your product and then “trap” the blister between two pieces of paperboard.

Clamshell Packaging

We can produce clamshell packaging for just about any product. Hinged at one end, these can be sealed to provide an ultimate level of protection. We can even produce a tri-fold clamshell that stands on its own. This can be a great option for many products, as retailers have the option of standing your product up on a shelf or hanging it from a hook.

Of course, in some cases, you might not want a strong seal on your clamshell. For instance, if you need clamshells to hold produce or deli items, such as cookies or fruit, you might simply want a tab to keep the food secure, but still make it easy for consumers to quickly open and close the clamshell.

Why Plastic?

Plastic is one of the most versatile packaging materials available, as well as one of the most affordable. Plastic is lightweight which reduces shipping costs, and clear plastic packaging also appeals to consumers because they can see what they are purchasing.

Additionally, plastic provides a high level of protection. Our impact-resistant, moisture-resistant and tamper-proof packaging ensures that your items are protected during transport as well as while they sit on a store shelf.

What About Sustainability?

At Indepak, virtually all of the materials we use are recyclable. Just about every type of thermoform tray, clamshell, blister or product we create can be tossed in a recycling bin. We also can create packaging and products using plastic with recycled content or use starch-based bioplastic materials to create your items.

Because plastic is lightweight and we can create designs that minimize the amount of packaging materials we use, this allows companies to transport more items in a single shipment. This reduces the amount of fossil fuels needed for transport. Additionally, when it comes to food packaging, plastic can preserve and protect foods longer than other packaging materials, thus reducing food waste.

Thermoforming companies can provide you with whatever packaging you might need, whether you need something with anti-static properties, something approved for food contact or sterile medical packaging. In addition to providing affordable custom packaging, the team at Indepak also provides additional services including inventory management, package fulfilment and on-time shipping for a total packaging solution. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started on your packaging project.

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