Thermoforming companies, such as Indepak, can create just about any unique piece of custom plastic packaging that you might need. For those that might be curious about the process we follow to create each type of plastic packaging, here is a brief explanation of the process.

The first step with thermoforming companies will be to meet with a client and discuss their specific plastic packaging needs. This includes discussing the type of packaging that is needed, the materials we thermoforming companies should use for the plastic packaging and so on.

We have many options for your plastic packaging, including HIPS, PET, PETG, ABS, PVC, OPS, PP, HDPE and even some starch-based bio materials. Each of these plastics has its own unique properties, some are ideal for food or beverage packaging, while some plastics are more suitable for electronic items.

We will help you find the type of plastic that works best with your product and also is the most affordable option. We also can create plastic packaging using a combination of materials. For instance, we can produce blister packs that combine paperboard and thermoplastic.

From there we move on to design and development. Thermoforming companies, such as Indepak, have an expert design team and once the design has been approved by the client, then a prototype will be made. As we design your plastic packaging, we pay close attention to factors such as strength, weight, space, cost containment and, of course, presentation to provide you with the best possible solution for your plastic packaging needs.

Once it’s been ascertained that the prototype fits a client’s specifications exactly, thermoforming companies will move on to the production of the client’s plastic packaging. At Indepak, we have multiple lines of high-speed equipment that quickly can fulfill even the largest of orders. During each step of this production process, quality control measures are always in place, and we can provide complete traceability down to the box level.

You might be wondering exactly how thermoforming companies produce all of their plastic packaging. Thermoforming is a process by which sheets of plastic are heated to a certain temperature and then molded into specific shapes. Once cooled, excess plastic is trimmed away and recycled. Our equipment can process thermoplastics from .008″ thickness to .080″ inches, and foam materials from approximately 1/16″ up to 1/4″.

As it is always our goal to provide clients with a total solution for all of their plastic packaging needs, we provide a few special extra services. Not all thermoforming companies offer package fulfillment services, but we do here at Indepak. This includes sealing your packaging together using processes such as heat sealing or RF welding. Beyond package fulfillment, we also offer inventory management and shipping services.

If you are searching for thermoforming companies, consider giving the team at Indepak a call. We focus on providing the best customer service and highest quality products while keeping affordability and sustainability in mind at all times. We can create plastic packaging or other thermoplastic products for a wide range of industries, including electronics companies, industrial firms, agricultural companies, specialty food manufacturers, medical and pharmaceutical companies and a variety of retail manufacturers.