When you think about plastic, water bottles, grocery bags and food storage containers probably spring to mind immediately. But there are many other interesting products that have been created using one type or another of thermoplastic. In fact, thermoplastics are some of the world’s most versatile materials and can be used for millions of products. Here are just a few items that contain thermoplastic.

For instance, thermoplastics actually can be found on the moon. When Neil Armstrong placed the U.S. flag on the surface of the moon, the flag itself was made of Nylon, which is a specific type of thermoplastic. Of course, this thermoplastic also is used to make women’s stockings, parachutes, robes and the hair of toy dolls such as Barbie.

Many of the clothes you wear contain some amount of plastic. For instance, Rayon is a blend of cellulose, which is a natural product, and various chemicals. Rayon is not the only synthetic fiber used to make clothing. Acrylic fibers also are used to make clothing, particularly items that are similar in feel and appearance to cotton and wool. Gore-Tex is another thermoplastic used to make waterproof clothing.

Super Glue and many other types of adhesives are yet another set of products that contain some type of plastic. The tape we use to secure wrapping paper is yet another product that is made using plastic, and not just the carrier for the tape. This tape itself contains plastic, as does duct tape, electrical tape and many other types of tape. Acrylic paints are another product that contains plastic. Acrylic paints are water soluble when wet but after they dry, they become water resistant.

Different types of plastics also are used for various surgical procedures. For instance, the first artificial heart was made using plastics. Knee and hip implants used during replacement surgery also utilize plastic.

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