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Specialists in Precision Thermoforming

At Indepak, we specialize in designing and forming intricate, complex shapes with a high level of detail while holding tight tolerances.  Our focus on continual innovation and dedication to quality and service has earned us an exceptional reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of thermoformed trays, clamshells and blister packaging.

Food Packaging

Our success in the food packaging market can be attributed to our commitment to quality and innovation. From helping clients meet shelf life requirements to designing parts that de-nest quickly and consistently, we can do it all.

Why Indepak?
  • FSSC 22000 Certified
  • Knowledge of lidding and barrier films
  • Experience with automated parts feeding

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Medical Packaging

With specially designed processes related to cleaning, PPE, signage and the use of medical grade materials, Indepak has been a trusted supplier of precision packaging for medical, lab and pharmaceutical companies for decades.

Why Indepak?
  • Produce "low particulate parts"
  • Operate traceability programs
  • Offer silicone coated or internal de-nest material options

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Electronics Packaging

We understand the sensitivity of packaging electronic parts and have worked with leading global manufacturers to develop the procedures, processes and equipment to ensure success for even the most challenging applications.

Why Indepak?
  • Work with static dissipative and conductive materials
  • Tight tolerance cavities for pick-and-place automation
  • Experience with automated parts feeding

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Retail Packaging

Our experienced design team can collaborate with you to design functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging that will make your product stand out while also considering aspects such as security, package fulfillment and sealing methods.

Why Indepak?
  • In-house design and prototyping
  • Material specifying and sustainability
  • Experience collaborating with other packaging suppliers

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Industrial Packaging

The increased adoption of automated pick-and-place robots along with the ongoing focus on continual quality improvement and the need for more sustainable packaging has helped Indepak become a leader in precision thermoformed trays and totes for industrial applications.

Why Indepak?
  • Ability to design for automation
  • Precision thermoforming of intricate shapes
  • Innovative "rotate-to-stack" designs

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Agricultural Packaging

Located in Portland, Oregon, a center of environmental innovation, Indepak has always exhibited a great commitment to serving the agricultural market with high-quality, precision parts at competitive prices.

Why Indepak?
  • Commitment to the environment
  • Precision molding capabilities
  • Better performance through better design

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ServicesTotal Solutions

Indepak delivers innovation, flexibility and assurance as we supply a Total Solution. Our customer-centric, service-first approach yields timely, accurate and cost-effective solutions from initial design and development through ongoing supply chain management.


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Creating the Perfect SolutionEffective Solutions for Every Need

At Indepak, we've been designing custom thermoformed solutions for more than 50 years and can create just about any type of packaging that you might need.

Thermoformed Trays

We are experts in producing high-volume, precision-formed trays that need to work in an automated packaging process, but can manufacture virtually any thermoformed tray.

  • Food Grade, FSSC 22000 Certified Trays
  • ESD Trays for Electronics
  • Lidded Trays (for both plastic and barrier film application)
  • Material Handling Trays (for pick-and-place automation)

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Clamshell Packaging

With a focus on precision thermoforming, Indepak has had success in developing all kinds innovative clamshell packaging including:

  • Precision Clamshell Trays
  • Tri-fold Clamshells
  • Clamshell Containers
  • Mock Clamshells

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Blister Packaging

With so much success in developing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging supplied on time, Indepak manufactures all types of blister packaging:

  • Trap Blisters
  • Face Seal Blisters
  • Full-Face Blisters
  • Slide Blisters

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Thermoformed Products

Thermoforming can often be used to create a better, lower-cost option to other forms of manufacturing and Indepak has manufactured a number of solutions including:

  • Thermoformed Products
  • Protective Shields
  • Product Components

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Creating the Perfect Packaging SolutionManufacturing Locations Worldwide

Indepak, a full-service thermoformed products and packaging manufacturer, is part of the Sinclair & Rush global family of companies - serving customers from four continents to supply virtually every market in the world.

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At Indepak, we work like an extension of your company. Our goal is to fully understand your application, market, automation equipment and any other needs so that we can recommend the best material, design and equipment to manufacture a precision solution to satisfy your needs.

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