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Indepak is a long time leader in thermoformed electronics packaging, bringing the knowledge, materials and techniques to ensure that your static sensitive products are protected.

Material Selection & Testing

We work with materials that range from static dissipative to conductive and can easily find the ideal material match for your products or processes. Once selected, we employ specially developed procedures to test both received materials and finished parts to ensure compliance.

Electronics Tray Material Selection and Testing

Precision Molding

Our extensive industry experience, focus on precision processing and heavy investment in industry-leading equipment has allowed us to supply solutions for all types of applications requiring sophisticated designs and very tight tolerances.

Precision Molded Clamshell for Memory Card

Knowledge of Automation

To better serve our clients in the highly-automated electronics industry, we have invested heavily in the research and development of packaging that excels in automated processes.

Our understanding of parts feeding requirement and the need for parts with close tolerance flanges that denest easily and consistently has set us apart from most other thermoforming companies.

Electronics Automation Facility

Our Work

As a long-time leader in the production of thermoformed electronics packaging, we have developed all kinds of ESD trays, PCB handling trays, custom clamshells and parts shipping trays with lids.

Precision Design

Indepak engineers used an innovative tool design and special material to create this tray's thin, yet highly rigid fins for holding memory cards in place for a robotic pick-and-place application.

Memory Card Tray

Tight Tolerances

When our client came to us requesting a cavity tolerance of .005", we were not sure it was possible. Since then, we've produced hundreds of thousands of parts with no quality issues.

Electronics Tray with Tight Tolerances

Award Winning Service

As a leading supplier of thermoformed parts to HP, Indepak supplied over a billion parts - maintaining an exceptional quality record and being recognized with a service award for excellence.

HP Thermoformed Parts

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