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With over 55 years of thermoforming experience and access to some of the world’s most sophisticated equipment, the design team at Indepak has collaborated on the development of all types of innovative thermoformed products.  Here are some examples...

Advanced Shock Absorption

Indepak worked with a team of surgeons, scientist, engineers and researchers to develop and produce a new shock absorbing component for a number of safety products. The thermoformed sheets utilize a special material and are designed to mimic the behavior of hundreds of interconnected shock absorbers.

Sheet of Innovative Shock Absorbing Material made of plastic

Pop Bowl – The Ultimate To-Go Salad Container

While Indepak has earned a reputation for its high-quality food packaging, the thermoformed Pop Bowl represents the evolution of the “To-Go Salad Container.” It features an expanding bowl with a tray insert for toppings and a secure lid for transport, storage and shaking.

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Collapsible To-Go Salad Container

Innovative Paint Roller Tray

While most of the trays manufactured at Indepak are for packaging or material handling, this heavy-duty tray was designed to fit into a 5-gallon paint bucket for use with innovative paint roller designed specifically for corner painting.

Paint Roller Tray

Socket Blocker

This innovative product helps anyone painting save time on preparation and clean up time. The team at Indepak not only helped bring this product to life, but we figured out how to achieve its goals for function and appearance while still utilizing a large percentage of recycled plastic bottles.

Socket Blocker - Wall Socket Covering

Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies may seem harmless due to their small size and non-threatening name, but these little pests can contaminate food with bacteria and other pathogens. For this reason, Indepak’s design team was excited to collaborate on the design of this innovative fruit fly trap.

Thermoformed plastic Fruit Fly Trap

Protective Shields

As one of the leading manufacturers of thermoformed products in the world, the Indepak team has produced all types of protective shields and thin plastic parts requiring a very high level of detail. Our ability to achieve extremely tight tolerances even with very hard-to-form items has made us the supplier of choice for leading electronics, HVAC and other high-tech equipment manufacturers.

Protective Plastic Shields used to ship printers

Comic Book Holder

With the prices for vintage comic books reaching into the thousands of dollars, our client identified the market for a protective container with a friction fid lit.

Protective Plastic holder for comic books

Lid that Doubles as Clear White Board

To aid this company in the design of their innovative teaching tool, our design team worked to find a clear material that would mimic a dry erase board. By combining a specific PETG material with an etched lid, Indepak passed the test.

Hand Moto - Plastic tray with lid that doubles as clear white board

Products with Extreme Detail

This inventor pushed some of our precision molding capabilities with the need for highly detailed text integrated into the design of the tray.

Numbered tray thermoformed with clear detail

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