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Indepak ServicesPrecision Thermoforming

Founded in 1967, Indepak has operated under the following mission:

"Be outstanding at custom thermoforming plastic by providing our customers with the highest quality products, delivering them on time, and at a competitive price."

Over 5 Decades of Success

Over the last 5 decades, the Indepak team's talent for mechanical engineering has resulted in a number of pioneering breakthroughs as they developed over 6,000 different products - many of which people “didn’t think could be done." Today, as a division of Sinclair & Rush, Indepak continues to lead in innovation, service and value.

Custom Precision Thermoforming Products

Equipment to Match Your Needs

As a custom thermoformer, it is essential to have a variety of thermoforming equipment in order to offer the best solutions to a range of customers in many industries. Indepak’s multiple lines of quality, high-speed equipment can thermoform...

    • Rigid materials from .008” – .080” in thickness
    • Part sizes from less than 1” and up to 36”

Our equipment goes beyond that of a typical thermoforming company. We have engineered unique machinery for specialized applications.

Thermoforming Equipment

Experienced in Processing Multiple Materials

Our many years of experience combined with the variety of equipment capabilities allows us to process many types of materials, including HIPS, PET, PETG, ABS, PVC, OPS, HDPE, and PP as well as...

Recycled Tray for Seedlings
Starch-based and
Recycled Materials
Food Trays
Food Grade
Conductive Tray for Electronics
ESD and Conductive
Denest Material Medical Tray
Silicone-coated and
Internal Denest
Material Options

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