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As a company that specializes in precision thermoforming, we receive many requests for thermoformed trays as they often require very sophisticated equipment and extensive experience in material selection, tooling design and processing to be effectively and efficiently manufactured.  Indepak has all of this and the can-do attitude needed for success.

Industry Experience

Thermoformed Food Packaging Trays


We are experts in designing thermoformed trays for food packaging using many food-grade and temperature resistant materials that can move from freezer to microwave to fridge without compromising structural integrity.

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Thermoformed Medical Trays


Our success in this market can be attributed to our ability to produce low-particulate packaging for non-sterile or downstream sterilization applications along with our detailed record keeping that ensures traceability down to the box level.

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Trays for electronic parts


We specialize in designing precision packaging and material handling trays featuring tight-tolerance cavities needed for pick-and-place automation.   Plus, we have the knowledge, materials and techniques to ensure that your static-sensitive products are protected.

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Retail Packaging Tray


Our experience in designing packaging trays goes beyond the typical supplier. We excel at collaborating with other packaging media suppliers especially when very precise or deep-drawn trays are required.

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Industrial Packaging and Parts Trays


We have extensive experience manufacturing precision trays and totes for storing, shipping and parts-handling applications used in automated operations. We work with many different plastics and can produce trays in a variety of thicknesses with very tight tolerances.

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Agriculture Trays - Seedling Tray and Greenhouse Tray


As a company focused on sustainability, we are proud to manufacture a number of products that assist in optimizing the planting of new trees and other plants.  Our experience in developing precision trays for high-volume applications has set us apart from others in the industry. 

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Lidded Packaging Trays

One of our specialties at Indepak lies in developing and manufacturing lidded trays for use in many medical, food and modified atmosphere packaging applications. We understand the importance for producing flat flanges for sealing lidding film to trays and often collaborate with our customer’s equipment and film suppliers to specify the proper barrier films, amount of silicone and other factors to achieve shelf-life requirements.

Lidded Packaging Trays

Innovative Designs

Whether you need us to integrate a “Rotate-to-Stack” design that reduces shipping and storage costs or something more complex, we are up to the challenge. Our design team excels at developing custom molds, processes and even equipment to meet the needs of our clients.

Precision Thermoformed Trays

Trays Used in Automation

We know that flourishing in today’s competitive marketplace typically requires a fair amount of automation. The Indepak team has been at the forefront of developing trays that work in automated environments.

  • We understand the requirements of parts feeding in automation, denesting, and close tolerance flanges.
  • We specialize in creating trays with tight-tolerance cavities that provide the precise product fit required in many automated pick-and-place processes.
  • We offer both silicone-coated and internal denest material options to ensure consistent performance in automated dispensing processes.
Thermoformed Tray Used in Robotic Automation

Virtually Unlimited Material Experience

From food-grade materials to conductive and ESD materials for electronics applications, the Indepak team has the experience to design, specify and monitor the quality of all types of “thermoformable” plastics. We have systems in place for testing materials from the receiving process all the way through shipment.

We can also work with your team to utilize sustainable and recycled materials or design more environmentally friendly trays that use less material without sacrificing functionality.

Food Packaging Trays

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