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IndepakA Precision Thermoforming Company

About Our Company

Over its 50+ year history, Indepak has established itself as one of the leading precision thermoforming companies in the United States.

Our History

Indepak was founded in 1967, when Dave and Jan Aho acquired a very small packaging business. Both Dave and Jan worked other jobs in the early months while building up the business. Sales were mostly word of mouth and employees were mostly relatives. They worked closely with their first customers, working hard to create innovative solutions. This approach continued, so that the company grew and had to relocate to larger facilities multiple times. The innovation, customer focus and culture of collaboration in problem solving have continued, as Indepak has become a leading thermoforming company in the western U.S.

Dave’s talent for mechanical engineering resulted in pioneering breakthroughs, producing high-value products and packaging for customers; some who “didn’t think it could be done”. Today, more than 6,000 products later, Indepak continues to lead in innovation, service and value. This extends to engineering unique machinery for specialized applications where needed. The ability to design, engineer, prototype, produce, fulfill and manage inventory for custom applications places Indepak in a unique position to advance into the future. Indepak has a wide array of production equipment to meet nearly every need for thin plastic and foam applications.

Our Mission & Vision


Be outstanding at custom thermoforming plastic by providing our customers with the highest quality products, delivering them on time, and at a competitive price.


Be the chosen supplier of custom thermoformed products and valued by our customers for excellence in service and technology.

Indepak Founders

Our Commitment to the Environment

Indepak is located in Portland, Oregon, a center of environmental innovation…and has been reducing, re-using and recycling long before it was popular or required. We go well beyond ISO requirements to operate a very low-waste operation in every part of the company. This approach makes sense for all stakeholders and assures that our company, customers, suppliers and community will be sustainable for the long-term. We received environmental awards from the Gresham Great Recycler and Great Business Awards, honoring our efforts and commitment, benefiting our local community and beyond.

Great Recycler Badges

Our Commitment to Quality

Consistently providing our customers with the highest value is Indepak’s focus. Delivering high-quality, custom thermoforming services requires high standards and effective processes throughout the Indepak Lifecycle. At Indepak, quality is everybody’s job. As a result, we’re proud of best-in-class quality scores from some of the most demanding customers in the world.

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