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Located in Portland, Oregon, a center of environmental innovation, Indepak has always exhibited a great commitment to serving the agricultural market. This commitment along with our ability to design and manufacture high-quality, precision parts at competitive prices have positioned us as a leader in the agricultural market.

Commitment to the Environment

“Indepak is concerned about the natural environment, the health and safety of our employees and the livability of our community. To this end we are committed to continuously striving to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.”

We have received environmental awards from our city including the Gresham Great Recycler and Great Business awards, honoring our efforts and commitment to our local community and beyond.

Precision Molding = Improved Productivity

Indepak’s extensive design and manufacturing capabilities often lead to better solutions. For example, one of the largest forestry management companies in the country was looking for a seed plug tray that would allow its workers to plant tree seedlings more efficiently.

Indepak’s engineers developed sophisticated tooling with integrated water lines that cooled sections of the mold to allow for more consistent material distribution.  This ingenuity allowed us to create the small, tapered cavities complete with a rigid flat bottom that could be sliced off prior to shipment.

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Agriculture Seedling Tray with Tapered Cavities

Better Design = Better Performance

When our client experienced challenges with the quality and availability of standard nursery trays, Indepak was enlisted to develop a more viable and reliable solution.

By re-engineering the drainage channels and other elements of the tray, Indepak’s design team was able to distribute material in a more efficient manner – resulting in a tray that functioned better while requiring less material. Not only did the new design require less material, but it could also be processed more quickly which led to lower costs and more timely deliveries.

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Seeding Tray with Drainage System

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