There are many different types of packaging, from those made from cardboard or paperboard, aluminum or another metal, glass and thermoplastic. At Indepak, we design custom thermoform packaging, including clamshell packaging, blister packaging and much more.

It’s important to note that clamshell packaging is actually a type of blister packaging. With most kinds of blister packaging, you might have a backing of paperboard or perhaps a thin foil, such as with medicines. A clamshell package is a blister package that folds onto itself, so that they entire package is made completely from thermoplastic. Of course, there is usually is a paper label inside filled with information about your product.

Clamshell packaging is a useful type of custom product packaging for many different industries. For instance, in the food industry and restaurant industry, clamshell packaging is used for many products. You often see clamshell packaging used to protect fruit such as strawberries or blueberries and other types of produce. Restaurants use different types of clamshell packaging to hold leftovers and to-go meals.

Many retail products also can be displayed and stored in clamshell packaging. Everything from toothbrushes to scissors to an electric drill can be packaged in clamshell packaging. The electronics industry uses clamshell packaging for a huge variety of products including headphones, cables and video game accessories.

For some businesses, stock clamshell packaging can be purchased. These are clamshell packages in standard sizes and using these can be a good way to cut your overall production costs. However, many products do need custom clamshell packaging, and we at Indepak can help you through every step of the process.

To create custom clamshell packaging, our process begins with development and design. We work with you to create a prototype of your unique custom clamshell packaging and once we have completed the design, we can begin with production. We also can help with package fulfilment, inventory management and even shipping. At Indepak, our goal is to find custom packaging solutions for all of our clients.

Many different types of thermoplastic can be used to create your clamshell packaging. The type that you select depends on your overall needs and budget. All types of thermoplastic can be recycled, but we do have many unique sustainable options such as plastic that contains recycled content or perhaps bio-plastic.

We can design clamshell packaging for any just about any product from any industry. Our clients include those from the food industry, retail industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural industry and electronics industry. Contact us today and we will begin with a consultation to determine what type of clamshell packaging will work best for you.