Plastic clamshells are an ideal packaging choice for many retail and specialty food products, as well as medical kits and products. If you’re in the market for packaging, the option to buy clamshell packaging is a solid choice for many reasons.

1. Versatility In Design
With thermoform plastics, we can create virtually any size or shape of packaging you might need, and this includes complicated designs that protect every inch or your product.

Not only is design versatility a huge factor, clear plastics allow consumers to see your product and that’s huge. In fact, there have been several studies that have shown that when consumers actually can see a product, they are far more likely to purchase that item over another item that cannot be seen.

Consumers make many of their choices based upon the appearance of the product and package. Combine an attractive product with attractive, eye-catching package design and you can entice customers and set yourself apart from the competition.

2. Plastic Keeps Costs Down
In general, plastics are some of the most affordable packaging materials available. Additionally, the light weight of plastic and our ability to design smaller packages allows you to transport more units in a single shipment, and this reduces your overall shipping and transportation costs.

Of course, plastic also is highly impact resistant which reduces the potential for product damage and sealed clamshell packaging lessens the risk of tampering and theft, all of which make a positive impact on your budget.

3. Protection & Theft-Prevention
While blister packaging can be an excellent option for many products, if you want an ultimate level of protection from tampering and moisture, a sealed clamshell is your best option.

Additionally, with specialty food packaging, there’s also the option to provide you with modified atmosphere packaging. With this type of packaging, you can preserve foods for longer than ever before, reducing food waste and helping you expand your market.

Why Choose Indepak?

1. Years Of Experience
We’ve been providing our customers with custom packaging solutions since 1967. Our design and production teams have the experience to handle even the most complex packaging projects.

Whether you need a basic clamshell to hold bakery goods or nails, a clamshell with multiple cavities or custom thermoform trays or perhaps a tri-fold clamshell, we are equal to the task.

2. In-House Tooling
With our in-house tooling department, we have the capability to handle 100% of your project in-house. Not only does this reduce costs, it also helps to ensure the quality of each item we produce.

Quality assurance is a way of life here at Indepak, in every department of our company. Our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 140001:2015 certifications reflect our commitment to quality as well as our commitment to sustainability.

3. Large Production Facility
Our Portland, Oregon facility includes multiple lines of high-speed thermoforming equipment. This allows us to meet the needs of clients in many different industries, including specialty foods, medical & pharmaceutical, electronics, industrial, agriculture and of course, we can produce packaging for a wide range of retail products, from office supplies to personal care items to tools and beyond.

Additionally, our equipment is capable of processing many different types of thermoform plastic, including ABS, HDPE, HIPS, OPS, PET, PETG, PP and PVC, as well as starch-based biomaterials.

4. Fulfilment, Inventory & Shipping Services
At Indepak, we talk a lot about providing a “total solution” for our clients. While you might be in the market to buy clamshell packaging, we can provide you with much more. We can provide package fulfilment services and seal your clamshell packaging together with process such as RF welding and heat sealing.

Additionally, we can design a custom inventory management system just for you. We have 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, and we can manage your inventory levels using a simple minimum/maximum system or create a more sophisticated customer-based web portal, depending on your needs. When you need shipping services, our on-time shipment rate exceeds 99.5%, and we can arrange logistics according to your specific needs.

If you need to buy clamshell packaging for your products, give the team at Indepak a call. We can design clamshells and blister packaging for just about any product, and can find a solution that fits your product needs and your budget.