If you need packaging, custom plastic packaging can be one of the most versatile and affordable options. Lightweight, recyclable and protective, thermoform plastics are ideal for thousands of products. At Indepak, we can design many different types of plastic packaging, including the following.

Blister Packaging
The term blister packaging often conjures up images of foil-back, single-dose medications and this is one type of blister pack, but there are many other varieties of blister packaging. For instance, many small and lightweight retail products can be placed in a face seal blister, which includes a plastic cavity designed to surround your product exactly. This plastic piece is heat sealed to paperboard, and you’ll find this type of packaging used for many types of inexpensive products from pens to mascara to batteries and much more. For larger products or products that require a bit more protection, we can opt for full face seal blisters or trap blisters, which can be sealed tightly to prevent tampering as well as keeping your product safe from moisture and mold.

Clamshell Packaging
When a blister package features a hinge at one end and folds onto itself, this is known as a clamshell, and this is an excellent option for a wide range of products. We often see the clamshell used for specialty food products, but they also are used for personal care items, electronics, office supplies, hardware & tool-related items, toys and just about any retail product one could imagine.

Clamshells can be sealed in a number of ways. For instance, if your clamshell holds a food product, you’ll want the package to be easy to open and close, so that consumers can access a portion of the food product and then securely close the lid to enjoy the remainder of the food at another time. An easy-open, easy-close clamshell also is an excellent option for items such as thumbtacks, nails and other small items that you won’t necessarily use all at once. We can provide an initial seal that you tear away, keeping your product safe while it sits on a store shelf, but also design a tab that keeps the clamshell closed for future use by the consumer. If you have a more expensive or non-food product, our sealing options are a bit more advanced, ensuring that packages are as tamper-proof as possible.

Flexible Packaging
Flexible packaging is a type of custom plastic packaging that’s all the rage these days, and there are several reasons why. Flex packs, as they sometimes are called, are created using fewer materials and can be designed to re-seal securely. Because a minimal amount of packaging materials are needed to create flex packs, more units can fit on store shelves and you can ship more units in a single shipment. Flexible packaging can be used for many specialty food products as well as products such as detergent pods, medical supplies, personal care items and more. The downside is that flex packs can be very tricky to recycle, while packaging created from rigid thermoform materials, such as what we make here at Indepak, usually can just be tossed into a recycling bin. This is not often the case with flexible packaging.

Barrier Packaging & Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Barrier packaging is a type of custom plastic packaging that can be created as a pouch, but it doesn’t have to be a pouch. It also can be plastic tub with film seal that you peel back, such as with products such as butter or fruit cups. It can be a thermoform tray with a film seat, such as you might see with meat, fresh pasta or other food items. Within the medical industry, your barrier packaging might feature a custom tray with multiple cavities. This could hold medications or sterile medical kits and feature a film seal, protecting these important medical items from contamination. The function of barrier packaging is to protect a product from oxygen, moisture and UV radiation. These UV rays can discolor products, especially food, and while the discoloration is may not affect the food quality, it does tend to turn off consumers.

Modified atmosphere packaging takes tall of this a step further, and this is barrier packaging to which oxygen has been removed and other gases are added, such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. This is done to extend the shelf life of food products, including fresh and processed meats, fish, poultry, pasta, cheeses, produce, cookies & crackers, premade meals and more.

Additional Custom Plastic Packaging Options
Beyond clamshells, blisters and pouches, we can create other types of custom plastic packaging. For instance, you might need to create a bottle to hold your liquid products, or you might need custom bins with or without lids. You might simply need custom thermoform trays that will be placed into foil packaging or into another type of container.

At Indepak, we can create virtually any type of rigid custom plastic packaging that you might need. Since 1967, we’ve been designing all types of custom plastic packaging for a wide range of industries. To get in touch with our sales team, give us a call at (800) 338-1857, email us at sales@indepak.com or fill out our quick contact form, which can be found under the Contact tab on our homepage.