Thermoformers: A Look At Our Amazing Equipment

When one speaks of thermoformers, it could refer either to those who provide thermoforming services or to the equipment we use. Here’s a quick overview of our equipment and the services we can provide.

Types of Thermoformers

Most of our equipment consists of high-quality Kiefel thermoformers. These amazing machines can transform a sheet of rigid plastic into trays, cups, clamshells, blister packaging and much more. Our machines are capable of processing rigid materials from .008” to .080” and foam materials from 1/16” to ¼”.

Our facility includes multiple lines of these high-speed thermoformers, which allows us to meet the needs of many different types of clients from a myriad of industries. We can design and create packaging for the specialty foods industry, the medical & pharmaceutical industries, the electronics industry, the agricultural industry and we can create packaging for just about any type of retail product, including personal care items, office supplies, tools, toys and much more.

quality thermoformersOur thermoformers also can process a wide variety of materials, including PET, PETG, HDPE, ABS, PVC, OPS, HIPS, PP and more. We can even use starch-based bio-materials and post-consumer grade materials. We also are experts in the design and production of trap-blisters and other plastic, paper and pulp combination designs. Virtually every material we use at Indepak is recyclable, and all of our materials are compliant with REACH, RoHS and EICC regulations, as well as being a registered user of the BOMCheck system.

The Thermoforming Process

But how exactly does the thermoforming process work? We are glad you asked. During the first step, our design team works with you to create a prototype of whatever you need – packaging, thermoform trays, plastic tubs, business-to-business tote trays, plastic parts or something else entirely.

Once the design and prototype have been approved, we move on to production. It all begins by feeding sheets of plastic into our thermoformers. The machine heats the plastic up to a specific temperature and then, through the use of pressure forming and vacuum forming, the now-malleable plastic is forced into custom molds of your package or item. Once the plastic cools, any excess plastic is trimmed away to be used for another project. We’ve actually seen a few videos on You Tube that show these thermoformers in action and it can be fun to really learn a bit about how we create your packaging.

We are able to keep every step of the production process in-house, from design to prototyping to production, which lowers your costs. We also offer package fulfilment services and inventory management services. We have 50,000-square-feet of warehouse space for your inventory, and we can create a custom inventory management system that meets your needs, from a simple minimum/maximum system to more sophisticated customer-based web portals.

At Indepak, we have been designing and creating quality thermoformed packaging for more than 50 years. We have the experience and know-how to handle any type of project, no matter how complex it might be. If you are searching for thermoformers, give us a call at any time to discuss your unique project.