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The use of barrier packaging has grown exponentially over the last few years and this growth definitely is expected to continue. Barrier packaging can be an excellent option for many of our customers, and at Indepak we provide clients with a wide range of packaging options. For those unfamiliar with this type of packaging, here are a few helpful facts.

1. Barrier Packaging Can Be Used For Many Products

While we often see barrier packaging used with food products, many other products can be placed inside these packages. This includes items such as detergent and many beauty and personal care items. Stand-up barrier packages are quite popular these days and can be used to hold almost anything, from solids to liquids.

2. Barrier Packaging Protects & Preserves Your Product

Because barrier packaging often is associated with food products, many people assume that one of the main benefits of using this type of packaging is its ability to inhibit oxidation. While this is certainly true, barrier packaging also can protect your product from other gases that can affect the product as well as from moisture and mold. Additionally, many types of barrier packaging are resistant to UV light, which also can affect the appearance of your product and, if it’s a food item, even the taste can be affected if exposed to UV light.

3. Barrier Packaging Is Lightweight

There are many reasons to consider using thermoform plastics for your packaging, and the light weight of these materials certainly is a factor. Barrier packaging is particularly lightweight, which reduces your shipping costs, while still protecting your product from damage and contamination.

4. Barrier Packaging Can Be An Eco-Friendly Choice

Many people worry that barrier packaging cannot be recycled, but this is usually not the case. Just as with all other types of plastic packaging, the materials used to create the packaging dictate whether or not the item can be placed in a recycling bin. Some materials, such as PET and HDPE, are accepted by most curbside recycling programs, but many other materials can be recycled, as well.

While we strongly recommend that consumers recycle everything they possibly can, we know that many people do still toss plastic packaging into the regular trash bin. One advantage of barrier packaging is that, while it should be recycled, it does take up far less space in a landfill than other types of plastic packaging as well as items such as glass jars or aluminum containers.

If you are interested in barrier packaging or any other type of plastic packaging, don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. We have been a leader in the custom packaging industry for more than 50 years, and create an innovative design that fits your product needs and budget.

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