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If you think of anti-static packaging or ESD packaging, your mind probably immediately begins to think about electronics or computer components. While these are items that definitely need static-sensitive packaging, many products can benefit from this type of packaging, including many retail items.

When it comes to electronic products and components, poor packaging is a huge issue. Electrostatic discharge can and does damage these sensitive items, and if you opt for the wrong packaging materials, your products may suffer the consequences. As an experienced supplier of electronics packaging, Indepak will ensure that all of the materials we use will protect your static-sensitive products.

But what about retail products, such as toys or personal care items or office supplies? These items also can benefit from anti-static packaging. While food items have expiration dates, retail products usually do not and this means they may sit on the shelf for many weeks or months. Static electricity attracts dust, and a dusty package can turn off a potential buyer. When we use anti-static materials for your packaging, your items can sit on the shelf longer without collecting dust.

Anti-static packaging materials aren’t necessarily more expensive than other types of materials, so if you need custom plastic packaging for your retail products, even if they don’t include electronic items or components, be sure to ask us to price out materials that reduce static and dust.

Anti-Static Packaging Options

Anti-static packaging is a general term for packaging that resists static, but there is a range of different options. The type we will use for your packaging will depend on a number of factors, but mostly on your product itself.

For instance, some products will need packaging created from dissipative materials while others are better suited to materials with conductive properties. You also might hear the term “insulative” in regards to static-sensitive packaging, but this is not a type of ESD packaging. Only dissipative and conductive materials are considered ESD-safe.

Dissipative – When you talk about anti-static materials, one of the main factors is surface resistance. This simply measures how easily electricity moves across a surface. With dissipative materials, electric charges move more slowly than conductive materials.

Conductive – With conductive materials, electric charges move quite quickly across a surface. Resistance, or rather electrical resistance, is measured in Ohms. A conductive material will be equal to or less than 1.0 x 10E6 ohms.

When selecting the right materials for your packaging product, we will study your product or parts carefully to find the best material to use, which will fall somewhere in the range of conductive and dissipative. This range is often simply known as the “sweet spot,” where we have determined the ideal functional range.

Dissipative and conductive materials aren’t just important when it comes to packaging. For instance, in many operations, special flooring is used to manage static charges and prevent these charges from damaging electronic components. In some cases, special footwear and clothing needs to be worn by workers to prevent static electricity from damaging sensitive items.

Packaging Solutions

At Indepak, we can create just about any type of anti-static packaging you might need. We can create all types of blister packaging and clamshell packaging as well as custom thermoform trays. This includes business-to-business tote trays and industrial trays that work seamlessly with your processes.

We work with a variety of materials, from conductive to dissipative, and virtually all of the material we use are recyclable. Your ESD trays or ESD packaging can be sustainable as well as protecting your static-sensitive products. We also can provide you with high-quality custom thermoform foam for your static-sensitive products.

Why Indepak?

Indepak has been an industry leader in the production of ESD packaging and thermoform plastic packaging for more than 50 years. We’ve been working with industrial clients and with the electronics industry for decades, and we have the experience necessary to protect your static-sensitive products.

If you need any type of anti-static packaging, the team at Indepak is here to help. We also offer services such as inventory management and package fulfillment. Contact us at any time to discuss your packaging needs.

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