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Blister packaging can be an excellent option for a wide range of products, but there are many types of blister packs as well as other types of packaging that you might want to consider. As blister packaging manufacturers, we can help you decide if a blister is the best option for your product.

Types Of Blister Packaging We Can Create

Do you need a trap blister? A face seal blister? A blister pack to hold single-dose medications? These are just a few of the options that might work for your product. Here’s a look at the many types of blister packaging.

Trap Blisters – A trap blister can be an excellent option for many retail and personal care products. For this type of blister, we “trap” a custom plastic blister (designed to fit precisely around your product) between two pieces of paperboard. Typically, these packages are meant to hang from a peg in a retail space or perhaps rest in a point-of-purchase display.

In terms of sustainability, trap blisters can be an excellent choice as these combination designs reduce the overall amount of plastic needed to create your packaging. We also can use easy-to-recycle materials such as PET, PETG or HDPE for the plastic portion of your packaging. Virtually all of the materials we use at Indepak are recyclable, and we often can use materials with recycled content or bioplastics for packaging.

Face-Seal Blisters – There are several different levels of face-seal blisters. In some cases, for lightweight and inexpensive items, we can simply create a blister cavity that fits around your product and then affix the blister to a piece of paperboard. This is a very affordable option, and it also can be a sustainable packaging option, as it reduces the overall amount of plastic needed to create your packaging.

If you need more security, such as with heavier or more expensive items, we can extend the plastic to the end of the paperboard or even have it extend over the edge slightly and then add extra security with a small staple to prevent tampering.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Blisters – These are those handy single-dose medication packs that make it so easy for people to grab a dose of medicine. These blisters are tamper-evident and keep out moisture. Keep in mind; this is not your only option for medical packaging. Plastic jars with child-safe lids can be a great affordable option for your medications or supplements. Add a desiccant to the bottle, and you won’t experience issues relating to moisture.

Other Types Of Packaging

At Indepak, we aren’t just blister packaging manufacturers, we also design and produce other types of packaging, as well, and our design team can create an option that truly works for your product whether it is a blister or something else.
Clamshells – Clamshells are a type of blister package that fold onto themselves. A clamshell can be a great option for more expensive items or retail items that frequently are the target of tampering or theft. Clamshell packaging can be tightly sealed, preventing tampering as well as locking out moisture and mold. Of course, we also can create easy-open clamshells, which can be a good choice for products sold online, such as on Amazon or other ecommerce sites. We also can design clamshells as specialty food packaging for items such as fruits, veggies, sandwiches, bakery items and more.

Tri-Fold Packaging – Tri-fold packaging can be a highly versatile choice. They offer the high protection of a clamshell, and they can either hang from a peg or stand independently, which provides you with more display options.

Trays – Thermoform trays are another item that we can produce at Indepak. For instance, we can create trays for many specialty food items. This includes cookie and cracker trays that will slide into a box or a flexible bag, as well as deli and bakery trays with lids. We also can create trays suitable for frozen meals or for items such as fresh meat and poultry. If you need trays suitable for modified atmosphere packaging, we can help.

We also often create trays for medical companies, such as trays for medical kits. Our medical and pharmaceutical packaging can be intended for non-sterile or downstream sterilization applications, depending on your needs. Our detailed record-keeping ensures traceability down to the box level.

Of course, you also can use trays to hold many retail items. For instance, if you produce a set of toys, you might want to have us create a tray to hold and display each item independently. This tray then can be slid into exterior packaging, which we also can design. We can design trays for just about any product, including electronics packaging, and we can use conductive or dissipative materials that will protect your static-sensitive products.

Containers & Tubs – If you need a container with a lid, we can design just what you need. Whether it’s a tub with a lid to hold butter or cream cheese or you need takeaway containers with lids for your restaurant, we can design it.

As blister packaging manufacturers, the team at Indepak can provide you with attractive, affordable packaging that meets your needs. We also can provide you with services such as inventory management and package fulfillment. If you need a blister pack or clamshell for any type of product, contact us today and let’s discuss a total packaging solution for your products.

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