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Thermoformed ClamshellClamshell for Memory Card

The packaging for memory cards and other electronic packaged products often goes precision thermoforming to include innovative design and the ability to control the static nature of the finished package.  Such was the case when our team was approached by a leading manufacturer of memory cards to create a reusable package for single memory cards.

The Challenges

First and foremost, our client needed an ESD clamshell made from anti-static material.  Next, they wanted a design that would not hold the card too tightly, but that would also not allow the card to move within the package and get damaged.  Finally, they wanted the clamshell to be able to be re-sealed without ruining the package.

anti-static Clamshell for memory card

The Material Solution

Our engineering team worked with the manufacturer to specify the correct anti-static material for the package.  Once selected (and in accordance with our ISO processes), procedures using electronic meters were put in place to ensure that both incoming materials and outgoing packages were within the acceptable range. 

Close up of ESD clamshell made from anti-static material


To ensure complete success, our design team then integrated channels into the clamshell and its top rail to minimize movement of the card while allowing the user to easily remove the card and replace it (if desired) thanks to an integrated opening and friction fit lid.

Clamshell tray with memory card in it

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