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With a commitment to high quality in every part of their business, Purdy provides innovative painting applicators to professional painters and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) alike. Their handcrafted tools have been delivering high performance results to the market since 1925.

The Challenge

Purdy packages a set of paint brushes in a tray and lid that is sealed together. Their sealing operation was plagued with issues that resulted in lost time and lost revenue.

Paint Brush Packaging Sealed Edges

The Solution

After sending our engineering staff to their facility to assess the situation on-site, we were able to determine that the die cut tolerances on their thermoformed trays were too loose, and it made their automated part feeding unreliable.

Our engineers were able to make several recommendations and train their staff on the proper setup and maintenance of the equipment.

To ensure a highly accurate and consistent die cut tolerance, Indepak recommended a trim-in-place tooling design for their application. This revamped design allows the part to be formed and cut in the same station of the machine, ensuring that the die cut flange tolerance never changes. Indepak built the custom tooling and went through the development and first article process at their facility.

Paint Brush Packaging Cavity Design

The Result

Indepak has been supplying Purdy for many years with consistent high-performing parts resulting in a flawless automation process. It has been a welcome partnership based on mutual trust and expertise.

Paint Brush Packaging

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