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As a thermoforming company, we at Indepak believe that thermoplastics are some of the best packaging materials available. If you need any type of custom packaging, thermoplastics might be the perfect fit for your needs. We can use thermoplastics, and perhaps a combination of thermoplastics and other materials, to create secure, attractive and affordable packaging.

We serve many different industries and create custom packaging for retail clients that range from companies that produce office supplies to those that produce toys or even hardware. For these types of clients, we often create tamper-proof custom packaging such as clamshells, trays with lids, blister packs or multi-fold packaging.

For our specialty foods clients, we can create custom packaging and thermoform trays that protect and preserve your edible products. With custom packaging for food companies, we use only those materials suitable for direct contact with food or beverages and ensure that packages are tamper-proof and for locking in freshness.

Among our custom packaging for food, we’ve created everything from single-use clamshell containers for grocery stores to house bakery goods to perfectly portioned thermoplastic trays that keep cookies, crackers or candies fresh and safe on the store shelf.

Electronics custom packaging and industrial packaging also are included in our areas of specialization. For these types of products, it is important to use a thermoforming company that understands the importance of protecting static-sensitive products. We actually work with a variety of materials, and this includes dissipative materials and conductive materials, whatever you might need to package your unique product. We can produce business-to-business tote trays, as well, with anti-static properties. All of our industrial thermoform products are produced with tight tolerances so that every component works flawlessly within your process.

Medical and pharmaceutical companies also often need custom packaging, and we have plenty of options for these types of clients. The versatility of thermoplastics makes it easy to create medical trays or blister packs for medications or anything else that you might need. With medical-related custom packaging, the team at Indepak truly understands that traceability is key, right down to the box level. We can create medical custom packaging for both non-sterile and downstream sterilization applications.

Agricultural firms also often come to us for their custom packaging needs. For instance, we can create custom thermoform trays to hold large flats of plants. We also can create custom trays to carry produce safely from farm to store. With thermoplastics, it’s easy to create designs that fit your products exactly.

If you take a look at our website, you will see that thermoplastics are versatile enough to use for almost any type of custom packaging. One of the best reasons to use thermoplastics for your custom packaging is the affordability. Most thermoplastics are quite affordable, and we are sure to find something suitable for any size budget.

In addition, to custom packaging, thermoplastics can be used to create products, as well. Not everything that we create at Indepak is a package. If you have a specific part or product and would like to see if thermoplastics and thermoforming are a good fit, please give us a call today to discuss your needs. 

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