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ContainerFruit Fly Trap

Natural Catch needed to find a manufacturing partner for its innovative fruit fly trap that trapped annoying fruit flies without the use of any pesticides or poisons.

The Challenges

The intricate design of the trap required a number of very small holes that would allow fruit flies to enter the trap, but not let them exit.  Also, since these traps were going to be positioned near food, they needed to be safe.

Box and product shot of Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap

The Solution

The design team started by specifying a non-toxic, FDA approved food-grade material that is safe, clean and disposable.  Then, they focused on creating tooling that would allow the holes to be formed using a rather unique design and process. 

Close up of holes in Thermoformed plastic Fruit Fly Trap


The product has achieved great success by offering an all-natural method for ridding an area of fruit flies.  The traps are sold throughout the world in many specialty garden and kitchen supply stores as well as through pest control suppliers and Amazon.

Thermoformed Fruit Fly Trap

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