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Thermoformed ClamshellHoppe's

Since 1903, Hoppe's has grown into the leading gun care company supplying hunters, sportsman and soldiers throughout the world.  As one of the most trusted brands in the gun care industry, it needed a quality clamshell tray to house one of its mass-merchandised cleaning kits.

The Challenges

The design team needed to design a very cost-effective package that would stand out on the shelves while displaying the items in a tray that tightly held each component of the kit in place.

Thermoformed plastic tray with clamshell lid

The Solution

While our team precision thermoformed a plastic tray with cavities and indentations to securely hold all of the kits components, they also kept an eye on costs.  Since this was a mass merchandised kit, much care was taken to create a package that could be formed quickly - avoiding temptations to over-engineer the package.

intricate design of thermoformed tray for gun cleaning kit

The Unique Top

Since the package was also going to serve as the kit's case or holder, our design team outfitted the top of the clamshell tray with a molded-in handle that also allowed the kit to be hung on a merchandising wall.

Clamshell tray-storage case with molded in handle

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