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Dual Purpose Hummus Container

Lilly's is a Portland-based hummus producer known for its variety of single-serve snack products that are non-GMO and made from a variety of plant-based ingredients.

The Challenge

Lilly's required a unique package that would allow hot hummus to be poured into the containers and then lidded with an FDA grade foil before being capped with a thermoformed plastic jar designed to hold crackers for dipping into the hummus. The big challenge was figuring out what type of material could be formed with heat during the thermoforming process that would not change during the "hot" packaging process.

Lidded Film Tray Certification

The Solution

To get a material to work in Lilly's packaging process while still being "thermoformable," our engineering team designed a process using new pre-heating equipment to make the FDA-grade material form correctly and consistently. Despite the high-tech nature of its existing thermoforming equipment, the Indepak team's innovation and investment was necessary to achieve the quality and consistency Lilly's needed in its packaging.

Lilly's Hummus Engraving

The Result

Through its willingness to take on difficult projects, even when it requires additional investment to an existing process, Indepak met the client's quality and output specifications that laid the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

Lilly's Hummus

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