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Resources3 Reasons to Select Thermoplastic for Retail Packaging

As manufacturers, you have several different options when it comes to retail product packaging. Thermoplastics are an excellent option for many reasons, and at Indepak, we serve a wide varieties of industries. We can create retail packaging for just about any product imaginable. Here are just a few facts that help explain why thermoplastics can be a top choice for your retail product packaging needs.

1. Plastic = Less Waste

That might sound like it cannot possibly be true, as we constantly hear about plastic and landfills and waste. However, we can create retail packaging that fits your product precisely, with very little excess package. With other types of materials, you need excess space to provide some type of protective cushioning. With thermoplastics, the actual retail packaging itself is protective, meaning you use less material to create each package.

In addition, it’s important to note that virtually all of the materials that we use for your retail product packaging are recyclable. In addition, we have a variety of post-consumer grade materials that you might consider for your packaging as well as combinations of thermoplastic and paper or pulp.

In addition to creating retail product packaging that precisely fits your unique product, we also are a low-waste operation. During the process of thermoforming, we use large sheets of thin-gauge thermoplastic to create your package and after the package has been formed, we trim off any excess plastic. When we design your package, our design team focuses on maximizing the use of each sheet of thermoplastic to limit this trim waste as much as possible.

2. Product Safety & Security

There are many types of thermoplastic that we can use for retail packaging. The type that you use depends upon the type of product you sell. For instance, if you sell a food product, you will need to use a plastic that is approved for use with foods or beverages. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved several different types of thermoplastic for use in food retail packaging, so if you sell a food product, we have several options available for you to consider.

For non-food retail products, our thermoplastic options can protect your product from damage both during shipping as well as during the time where it sits on a store shelf. We also create tamper-proof designs for our retail product packaging that further protect your product. Plastic is one of the best materials to consider when thinking about product safety and security.

3. Keep Your Costs Low

Thermoplastic not only provides security, it’s also quite affordable. We use a wide variety of plastics, so there is something to suit just about any budget. In addition, thermoplastic is quite lightweight, which lowers your overall shipping costs. Because thermoplastic also is quite protective, this cuts down on damages to your retail product. As you know, when a shop returns a product because of damages, this is quite costly to you. Using a strong thermoplastic material and designing a package that protects your product will keep damages to a minimum, which also reduces your overall costs.

If you are interested in having us design retail product packaging, give us a call 800-526-6273, send us an email, or fill out our Contact Us form today. We can create an innovative design that reduces waste, keeps your product secure and keeps your packaging costs as low as possible.

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