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Whether your company produces office supplies, electronics gear, tools or another item, reducing your retail packaging costs is always an important consideration. There are actually several ways to ensure that you spend as little as possible on packaging without sacrificing quality.

1. Select Affordable Materials

Packaging can eat up a large amount of your operating budget every year, so selecting retail packaging materials that don’t break the bank is essential. Fortunately, thermoplastics, such as those we use at Indepak, can help you reduce your costs in a few ways.

First, thermoplastic in general is quite affordable and we can form a sheet of thermoplastic into any shape you might need for your retail packaging. Second, because thermoplastic is lightweight, you don’t have to pay as much to ship your products to various retail stores. We also can use combinations of thermoplastic and other materials, which might also bring down the cost of your retail packaging.

2. Design A Package That Reduces Waste

Reducing waste is good for everyone, and not only is it a positive step for the environment; it also benefits your bottom line. We often meet with clients whose current packaging is really larger than it needs to be. When you have less packaging, this saves you money, but it doesn’t mean that this smaller package won’t still protect your product. Our team can design retail packaging that uses the smallest amount of materials necessary.

By choosing the best possible materials for your retail packaging and through careful design, we can craft a package that displays your product beautifully and protects it from tampering and damage without being wasteful. Again, thermoplastics are an excellent option because you can create strong retail packaging that fits over your package precisely. Not only will you pay less because you chose a smaller package, these smaller packages will fit better in shipping boxes, which can further reduce your shipping costs.

3. Use Sustainable Materials

In some cases, using materials that contain some post-consumer materials or opting for bio-based materials can be an excellent, cost-saving option. Using thermoplastics that contain some post-consumer or recycled content can be very affordable. In addition, we can design a label that showcases that you used sustainable materials. Many consumers specifically look for products that are as eco-friendly as possible, so using sustainable materials can give you an edge over the competition and boosts your sales.

4. Choosing A Packaging Service With Many Options

As a business owner, you deal with a myriad of different suppliers and vendors. It can be more affordable, however, to select vendors that offer multiple services. This can save you time as well as money. At Indepak, not only do we design and produce retail packaging, we also offer package fulfillment, inventory management and shipping services for our clients. Our goal is always to provide a total solution for each client, and this can often be much less expensive than using many different companies for different services.

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