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When it comes to custom product packaging, we have design packages for virtually every industry. Our clients include all sorts of retail businesses, as well as food companies, beverages companies, pharmaceutical firms, electronics companies and much more. Whether we are designing for a company that produces drills or one that creates organic cookies, we always keep the following tips in mind during the design process.

1. Packages Should Be Attractive & Informative

For many products, a pleasing custom product packaging design is highly important. An attractive design sets your product apart from the others. This is especially true with food and beverage products as well as many retail products. For items such as computer parts, hardware and more technical items, the attractiveness might be a bit less important than ensuring that the product is clearly labeled and the consumer can see what is inside.

Because most thermoplastic packages are clear, they have the advantage of showing the consumer exactly what they are buying. We can design custom plastic packaging in virtually any size or shape and also include an insert card or label that provides plenty of information about the product. For a food product, this might include ingredients and heating instructions. For an item such as a flash drive, it would include information about how many gigabytes of storage are available, etc.

Simplicity in design is something else we keep in mind. You don’t really want custom product packaging with labeling that is too cluttered or too busy. The best design is one that is functional, attractive and straight-forward.

2. Custom Product Packaging Should Be Lightweight

Heavy or excessive packaging is always something to avoid, and thermoplastic is an excellent option because of its light weight. Not only does heavy packaging or excessive custom product packaging make your product more cumbersome for your customers, it costs more to ship. Using custom plastic packaging can be a great way to reduce your overall costs. Thermoplastic is not only lightweight, it’s also quite affordable, so you can save money on both shipping and packaging costs by using custom plastic packaging.

3. Durable Packaging Is Best

Obviously, all companies want their custom product packaging to reduce the risk of product damage. Many types of thermoplastic are highly impact resistant and provide an excellent level of protection for your product. Not only can we create custom plastic packaging that is very durable, we can craft it in such a way that it fits perfectly over every nook and cranny of your product.

4. Sustainable Packaging

These days, many people are very concerned about sustainability and often make purchases with sustainability in mind. Not only do they want a high quality product, they also want to purchase the product from a company that is concerned about lessening its impact on the environment. Using custom plastic packaging can be an ideal solution.

Virtually all thermoplastics, and most of the materials we use at Indepak, are recyclable. In addition, because thermoplastics can be formed into any imaginable shape, we can create packages that cover and protect your product without any additional waste. We also can craft your custom product packaging using post-consumer grade materials, and we have starch-based bio materials to consider.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, never fear, the team at Indepak can help you design and create custom product packaging that fulfills the goals of each of these tips. We use many different types of thermoplastic as well as combinations of paperboard, foil and thermoplastic to create custom product packaging that is attractive, durable, lightweight and as sustainable as possible.

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