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Blister packaging is a very common and flexible type of custom packaging. It can be used to safely house thousands of products from over-the-counter medicines to retail items such as batteries or fountain pens. At Indepak, we can create custom blister packaging in virtually any size or shape.

Many industries need blister packaging, and this type of custom packaging is used for a variety of product categories. Tools and hardware often are placed in blister packaging, as well as a huge variety of household goods, toys, games, office supplies, cosmetics, electronics and much more.

Typically blister packaging combines thermoform plastic with paperboard or perhaps some type of foil, such as with medicines. In addition, when you have a blister package that folds onto itself, this is known as clamshell packaging and it can be an option as well. It all depends on your design needs and budget. We can find a custom packaging solution that fits within your budget while still providing you with a high quality finished product.

For some products, stock sizes of blister packaging can be used and this can reduce your overall production costs. However, other products truly need a custom blister packaging design to protect and/or display an item securely and properly. Custom thermoforming is our specialty, and our expert designers can create a specific blister package or clamshell packaging exactly to your specifications.

In addition to blister packaging, as a thermoforming company, we can create a myriad of other types of custom product packaging as well as many other thermoform plastic products, such as custom thermoform trays and more. Custom thermoforming can be used to make thousands of products, and durable, lightweight plastic might be the perfect material for your product.

Blister packaging can be created using a variety of different types of thermoplastics. While virtually all thermoplastics are recyclable, we have some interesting options for clients interested in bio-based plastics or perhaps plastics with recycled content or other highly sustainable options. If you need custom thermoform packaging, give us a call and we can determine the best type of blister packaging or another custom packaging solution for you.

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