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When it comes to packaging, sustainability should always be considered during the design process. Create packaging that in as environmentally safe as possible is essential and at Indepak, sustainability is one of our focuses. For companies that need blister packaging, which is one of our areas of specialization, there are plenty of ways to make production as eco-friendly as possible.

First it might help to understand what types of packaging are included in the category of blister packaging. One example of a blister pack would be over-the-counter medication. The blister packwould include a cavity for each dose of medicine and the package would include a special backing, perhaps foil that would protect the product from tampering as well as keeping moisture out.

However, that is just one type of blister packaging. Many retail products are housed in blister packaging. Sometimes, these blister packs are crafted entirely out of thermoplastic and sometimes, they might include a paper board backing. In some cases we design a blister pack with two halves that fold together to form a package. This actually is known as a clamshell package and these can be sealed or closed with a specially designed tab for closure or perhaps secured with tape. You’ll often see clamshells in the bakery or produce department of a grocery store, but they certainly can be used for many other products including electronics, tools, office supplies and many other items.

When selecting materials for your blister packaging, we can opt for a variety of materials that are either very recyclable or perhaps contain post-consumer grade materials or even bio-based plastics. For instance, both PET and HDPE are materials we often use, and these are accepted by almost all curbside recycling programs. We also can combine the use of thermoplastics with paper or pulp, both of which can be recycled. In fact, virtually every material we use is recyclable.

It also is important to note that our team of packaging designers and engineers strives to produce blister packaging and other types of packaging with as little waste as possible. After packaging has been create in a thermoforming machine, there is a web of plastic that remains and our goal is to leave the smallest possible web behind after production. Of course, this web will be recycled and used again for other products, which is another way in which we support sustainability. We are committed to being a low-waste operation and this extends beyond our production process to every part of our company.

At Indepak, we create custom blister packaging as well as clamshell packaging, thermoformed trays and much more. We can create an affordable, attractive blister pack that not only fits into your budget; we also will keep sustainability in mind during the design and production process. If you would like to discuss sustainable options for your blister packaging, give us a call 800-526-2673, email, or fill out our Contact Us form.

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