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While we create all kinds of thermoformed packaging and products here at Indepak, designing custom thermoformed trays is one of our specialties. Virtually every industry has a need for different types of thermoformed trays and we can create trays for any industry. Here are just three industries for which we often create these handy trays.

The Specialty Foods Industry

Food packaging, in general, definitely needs some special attention. While virtually any type of thermoplastic can be used to make thermoform trays, we must be careful to select materials suitable for coming into contact with food. Once we’ve selected the best type of thermoplastic for the job, we can begin to design the thermoform trays.

These thermoformed trays might be used to store food items such as cookies and crackers, which will then be slid into a paperboard container. We also can create thermoform trays suitable for frozen meals, and each compartment within the tray will be crafted precisely to hold each food item securely. Safety and security are always at the forefront of our design process, especially when it comes to products such as food or pharmaceutical products.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Firms

When it comes to medications, typically blister packaging is the ideal choice, and these are similar to thermoformed trays in that they are designed with cavities which hold individual doses of medicines. With a blister pack, a foil or foil and paper seal is affixed to the little thermoform trays that hold the medicine and this ensures that the product is free from moisture and safe from damage or tampering.

Of course, creating medical packaging is not the only task we accomplish for our pharmaceutical and medical clientele. We design a variety of thermoformed trays for these clients, such as those that might hold various instruments or perhaps syringes and bottles of medicine. This type of packaging is low particulate packaging and is intended for both downstream sterilization applications as well as non-sterile applications. We provide these clients with detailed record keeping and this will ensure traceability down to the box level.

Thermoformed Trays & Industrial Firms

There are many different types of thermoformed trays needed for various industrial companies, many of these trays require tight tolerances and often must possess anti-static properties. A company might need thermoform trays designed to hold a variety of parts or perhaps business-to-business tote trays for automation applications.

At Indepak, we understand the unique needs of industries such as the electronics industries or other high-tech companies and we can create electronics packaging that will work throughout every step of your production process. Our materials include thermoplastics that are conductive as well as dissipative, and our team of expert engineers can identify the best possible materials for your thermoformed trays.

These are just a few industries that we serve and just a few companies that might have need of thermoform trays. Thermoformed trays also can be a great option for a wide variety of retail companies and even agricultural firms.

Of course, we also design many other types of packaging in addition to our thermoformed trays. We even create parts and products using thermoplastics. Because of the versatility of thermoplastics, we truly can create just about anything using these materials. If you need custom thermoformed trays or any other type of plastic packaging, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call today and we can start developing a plan for your product packaging.

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