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Custom thermoformed trays are something needed by just about every industry, from retail to medical and beyond. At Indepak, we have been creating custom thermoformed trays for our clients for decades and can design a tray to exactly fit your product or product components. Here’s a look at just a few of the types of thermoform trays we can create.

For our retail customers, we can create many types of thermoform trays, such as retail display trays. These are components that work along with POP or point-of-purchase displays and offer an ideal way to display your unique product at a retail store. In addition to designing thermoformed trays for your display, we also can create custom thermoformed packaging, such as clamshells or blister packaging to hold your product.

Plastic insert trays are another option that often fits the needs of retail customers. These thermoformed trays are created to hold a product that will be placed inside an outer container. These thermoform trays are ideal if you have a product with several parts that need to be housed separately. Because of the flexibility inherent in using thermoplastics, we are able to design virtually any custom shape you need for your thermoform trays.

Of course, you’ll find that plastic insert trays are used for food packaging, as well. These thermoformed trays will be loaded up with food and then perhaps encased in a box or even a plastic clamshell packaging. One example might be a plastic insert tray designed to hold several dozen cookies. Another example would be the thermoform trays that hold many different shapes of gourmet chocolates.

Another type of thermoformed trays that we often create are work-in-process trays which allow for movement along a production line or for shipment out of one plant and over to another plant. Again these can be constructed as single or multi-cavity thermoform trays and we can configure the cavities precisely to store a variety of parts or components of your product.

For our medical, pharmaceutical or electronics clients, we can create trays that meet your special needs, as well. For instance, we create low particulate thermoform trays for medical packaging and pharmaceutical clients, specifically for non-sterile or downstream sterilization applications. We also ensure traceability down to the box level.

For companies that produce electronics or electronic components, we will ensure that your static-sensitive products are well protected. We can create ESD packaging and anti-static packaging that are fully traceable.

In general, we can create any type of thin-gauge thermoformed trays as well as lids for your trays. We have a wide variety of thermoplastics that we can use for your trays, including some bio-based options, and nearly all of our thermoplastics are recyclable. Give us a call today and we can get started creating a design prototype for your unique thermoformed trays.

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